Dell Precision 7540 with Intel Xeon and ECC Memory Review


Dell Precision 7540 Mobile Workstation Rendering Related Benchmarks

Rendering applications are a key use case for high-end GPU enabled workstations. We are putting the notebook through our rendering test suite to see how it performs.

Arion v2.5

Arion Benchmark is a standalone render benchmark based on the commercially available Arion render software from RandomControl. The benchmark is GPU-accelerated using NVIDIA CUDA. However, it’s unique in that it can run on both NVIDIA GPUs and CPUs.

Download the Arion Benchmark from here. First-time users will have to register to download the benchmark.

Dell Precision 7540 Xeon ECC RAM Arion
Dell Precision 7540 Xeon ECC RAM Arion

Again we see performance of the Precision 7540 very near the Lenovo ThinkPad P53.

MAXON Cinema4D 3D

ProRender is an OpenCL based GPU renderer which is available in MAXON’s Cinema4D 3D animation software. A fully functional 42-day trial version is available for downloaded from the MAXON website here. Note: Even after expiration, the trial can still be used to measure render times.

Dell Precision 7540 Xeon ECC RAM Cinema4D
Dell Precision 7540 Xeon ECC RAM Cinema4D

One can see the impact here of thermal management on the new monster 45W TDP 8-core CPU.

Redshift v2.6.32

Redshift is a GPU-accelerated renderer with a production-quality output. A demo version of this benchmark can be found here.

Dell Precision 7540 Xeon ECC RAM Redshift
Dell Precision 7540 Xeon ECC RAM Redshift

This is extremely close to being the fastest notebook we have tested thus far.

Next, we will finish up with power consumption, boot times, and our final thoughts.


  1. Hi William! Nice review. Has dell implemented a fan control utility for precision laptops yet? As a former precision laptop owner, I have been waiting for some form of fan control for close to a decade now. I have been buying gaming laptops instead because oddly, fan control utilities are available for a lot of gaming laptops but not for professional machines. I am not thrilled about throttling when I need to get work done, especially rendering. Thanks.


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