Dell Precision 3541 Entry-Level Mobile Workstation Review


Dell Precision 3541 Power Tests

We ran the Dell Precision 3541 through a series of battery tests to find out just how long the 6 Cell (99 WHr) would last. After each test, the battery was again fully charged and then the next test started.

PowerMark tests would run until the battery was at 15% charge.

Dell Precision 3541 Power
Dell Precision 3541 Power

Battery life is the strong point of the Dell Precision 3541. The Lenovo ThinkPad units have higher-end but also higher-power GPUs. That is great for GPU performance, but it is not good for battery life. The Dell Latitude 7300 gave us a 731 minute time on this test which the Dell Precision 3541 just beat by 35 minutes. This is certainly in the all-day productivity category.

Dell Precision 3541 Boot-Time

BootRacer is an app that will tell you how long your computer takes to boot. It will measure the actual time your PC takes to get to the windows boot process, then measure the actual Windows OS boot time.

BootRacer is a free download for personal use and can tell you if your PC is booting slower over time or after you have installed apps.

Dell Precision 3541 Bootracer
Dell Precision 3541 Bootracer

We ran Bootracer on the Dell Precision 3541 after we set everything up before any other apps were installed. Over time and use, installing other apps, you might find that the laptop might start to slow down or take longer to boot. The best practice is to keep your laptop clean of unwanted applications that affect booting times.

The Dell Precision 3541 boots fast with a usable time of 19 seconds to start working on the desktop. During the workday, most users will put the unit to sleep by closing the lid, opening the lid results in almost instant use availability.

Final Words

As we would expect, there are many different configurations for the Dell Precision 3541. With processors we found the Intel Core i7-9750H gave the Dell Precision 3541 a significant punch for CPU based workloads, one can even configure the unit with an Intel Xeon E-2276M 6 core/12 Thread processor along with ECC memory for those that would prefer this. The highest processor option would be an Intel Core i9-9880H 8 core/16 thread CPU. We do feel that graphics processing is holding the Dell Precision 3541 back with the NVIDIA Quadro P620, it simply does not have the graphics punch one might want. There is no higher-level GPU option for the Dell Precision 3541. As a result, the Quadro P620 is there for having certified drivers, not because it is a maximum performance option.

Dell Precision 3541 Angle
Dell Precision 3541 Angle

One can purchase Dell Precision 3541 notebooks start at only $879 list price for very basic configurations. Our review sample is configured to cost around $1,954 at list price for a higher-end configuration. The Dell Precision 3541 does show excellent processing power and exceptionally long battery life which mobile users would be very happy with.


  1. Great benchmark !

    Have you noticed some fans noice during your tests and idle ?
    This seems to be a real problem for new Dell laptops.

  2. This is the dumbest laptop review I’ve read.

    * 5 pages of benchmarks: but these are almost pointless, you are benchmarking the specific CPU configuration you have, when Dell sell this machine with a range of different CPU options. Any laptop with the same CPU and same RAM etc is going to have very similar benchmarks.

    * No reference at all to the aspects which differentiate laptops, i.e. screen quality, keyboard layout, touchpad, fan noise / cooling, and overall build quality.


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