Dell Precision 3541 Entry-Level Mobile Workstation Review


3DMark Suite Testing

Here we will run the Dell Precision 3541 through graphics-related benchmarks.

Dell Precision 3541 Fire Strike
Dell Precision 3541 Fire Strike
Dell Precision 3541 Time Spy
Dell Precision 3541 Time Spy

In 3DMark Suite Testing the Quadro P620 clearly is at the lower end of the charts which we will see in later graphics tests.

Unigine Testing

Dell Precision 3541 Unigine Heaven
Dell Precision 3541 Unigine Heaven
Dell Precision 3541 Unigine Valley
Dell Precision 3541 Unigine Valley
Dell Precision 3541 Unigine Superposition
Dell Precision 3541 Unigine Superposition

Overall we see a good showing from the Dell Precision 3541 for an entry-level mobile workstation. For comparison points on the desktop side, you can see our recent NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super Review to get a sense of mobile v. desktop performance.

Next, we are going to look at the Dell Precision 3541 mobile workstation with system benchmarks


  1. Great benchmark !

    Have you noticed some fans noice during your tests and idle ?
    This seems to be a real problem for new Dell laptops.

  2. This is the dumbest laptop review I’ve read.

    * 5 pages of benchmarks: but these are almost pointless, you are benchmarking the specific CPU configuration you have, when Dell sell this machine with a range of different CPU options. Any laptop with the same CPU and same RAM etc is going to have very similar benchmarks.

    * No reference at all to the aspects which differentiate laptops, i.e. screen quality, keyboard layout, touchpad, fan noise / cooling, and overall build quality.

  3. Dell laptop buyers, if you are a power user, please note that, dell have very tricky mechanism in the bios that they limit the processor power to less than 50% or 25% depend upon the dell power manager settings they have.
    If you say to them that the laptop is heating and throttling is happening, they will ask you to put the laptop on cool mode, which limits the processor clocking only upto 1.5GHZ. which is a very poor performance.
    These machine especialy 3541, which has a poor thermal discipation design, which leads to processor temperature at 99 deg C and continious clocking even in normal applications.

    Specifically, I would recommend power user’s to check the laptop with “intel extreme tuning uttility” and run your applications before buying. If you find any throttling issues like power / thermal / current edp throttling, stay away with dell for this machine.

    We are always a bad luck people, that we cannot have sony vaio type laptop not available in India. We should make attitude to get performance laptop brands and we should boycot these type of cheap designed laptops, just only an eye candy for specification, but in motherboard design they are not.

    Hope this information helpful for the new buyers.

  4. I bought a secondhand Precision 3541 to use as a Linux laptop. While it works perfectly fine, the performance is extremely underwhelming. My old ThinkPad T460s “feels” faster than this thing (I know it’s probably not when it comes to raw CPU power, but the user-experience feels a lot better).


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