Check out the AMD CES 2019 Keynote Here

AMD CES 2019 Keynote
AMD CES 2019 Keynote

There are a lot of expectations surrounding the AMD CES 2019 keynote. Dr. Lisa Su is expected to take the stage at 9AM Pacific time on 2019-01-09 to deliver a packed event. Rumors have swirled with new chips from both the CPU and GPU sides of the AMD house. These include next-generation AMD Ryzen plans, potential updates on AMD EPYC Rome and perhaps Milan, as well as the new AMD Radeon Navi architecture. Of course, until the event happens, these are all just rumors. If you are having a slow day in the office, grab a conference room and you can watch the AMD CES 2019 keynote here.

How to Watch the AMD CES 2019 Keynote

The AMD CES 2019 keynote will be live-streamed on the AMD YouTube channel. To aid in you in watching the event, here is the live stream embed that you can follow directly to YouTube for full-screen viewing:

Key areas we will be watching for:

  • An updated Ryzen 3 perhaps on 7nm. We expect this will be AM4 compatible, but may also introduce PCIe Gen4 and therefore require new motherboards. AMD already announced the Ryzen 3000 series mobile processors, so we could see a desktop announcement.
  • Updated Navi GPU architecture. Now that NVIDIA launched the “midrange” GeForce RTX 2060, AMD is in desperate need to respond. Vega, including the AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, is still a solid card, as are the workstation parts like the AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200, but the company needs something new.
  • An AMD EPYC update even though this is a consumer-focused event, we hope to get another glimpse of AMD EPYC Rome. AMD needs to be careful here as it still has several months that it needs to sell “Naples” generation CPUs. At AMD, server news often spills into the consumer events.
  • A market update. We want to get some data regarding total server market penetration. Did AMD end 2018 in the 4-6% market share or lower as some analysts predicted?

There seems to be unbridled enthusiasm for what this keynote may bring, so grab some popcorn and stay tuned for the event.



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