AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 Launched with Zen 3 and DDR5

AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 Cover
AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 Cover

Today AMD announced a new generation of embedded parts. The new generation brings Zen 3 and PCIe Gen4 to the embedded market. What is also interesting is that not only do we get features that we would expect, but AMD is also bringing DDR5 to the platform.

AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 Details

Here is the block diagram for the V3000 series:

AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 Diagram
AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 Diagram

AMD’s dual 10GbE networking also supports 2.5GbE. Hopefully, we see more of these in the future. Here is AMD’s full feature list for the new series.

AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 Overview Copy
AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 Overview Copy

Here is the SKU stack for the new parts since not all are eight cores as shown above:

Model TDP
Core /
(Up to)
L2 CPU Cache L3 CPU Cache Max DDR5 throughput (MT/s) (Up to) PCIe Gen4 Lanes Ethernet Ports Junction Temp.
V3C48 35-54W 8 / 16 3.3 GHz 3.8 GHz 4 MB 16 MB 4,800 20L 2×10 Gb 0-105C
V3C44 35-54W 4 / 8 3.5 GHz 3.8 GHz 2 MB 8 MB 4,800 20L 2×10 Gb 0-105C
V3C18I 10-25W 8 / 16 1.9 GHz 3.8 GHz 4 MB 16 MB 4,800 20L 2×10 Gb -40-105C
V3C16 10-25W 6 / 12 2.0 GHz 3.8 GHz 3 MB 16 MB 4,800 20L 2×10 Gb 0-105C
V3C14 10-25W 4 / 8 2.3 GHz 3.8 GHz 2 MB 8 MB 4,800 20L 2×10 Gb 0-105C

The interesting part of these chips may just be what they do not show. AMD does not mention integrated graphics. The graphics side has been a hallmark of the V-series APUs/CPUs since the V1000 launch.

Final Words

AMD’s new processors are probably what many have been hoping to see from an AMD EPYC 3000 series update. Hopefully, we will see the new series gain more traction and show up in more devices. It seems like the Vx000 series has more traction than the EPYC 3000 series. AMD previously said that the V1000 and V2000 series were being used in applications like gaming (think casino machines) and for instruments with displays. Also, AMD is not updating to Zen 4 here where it would get access to VNNI and AI acceleration built-in, a feature quickly becoming standard in edge processors. At the same time, we have DDR5 with Zen 3.


  1. So the V3000 series has no graphics? Is this confirmed?

    It would be really strange, because there definitely will be newer ryzen embedded CPUs with integrated GPU at some point in time. Why not call this headless series something Different than V-Series which is known to have an IGP?

  2. Does anyone know where I can get a motherboard with a V3C16 or V3C18I processor on it? These look like some great CPUs to make into a PFsense or OPNsense gateway with ZenArmor for some 10gb inspection throughput. Good TDP, good boost speed, good cache, built-in 2x 10gb network ports. Seems absolutely perfect.

  3. It seems a company named SolidRun sells an industrial PC with the V3C18I (8 core, 1.9ghz, 10-25w ctdp) and V3C48 (8 core, 3.3ghz, 45w tdp). These have 2x 10gb SFP+ ports and 4x 2.5gb Intel i226 ports on board. The PCs are about mini-itx form factor, but do require an external 12-24v power brick for powering it. Not hard to find on amazon.

    Prices are:
    V3C18I 15w PC – $950
    V3C48 45w PC – $1195

    So a little pricey, but likely due to it technically being an industrial PC rather than one meant for running pfsense or the like. I did confirm you can install pfsense on this machine though, SolidRun has help documents for steps of installing both pfsense and opnsense.

    So if anyone else is looking for a small form factor, low power usage, pfsense gateway type device that can run full 10gb DPI inspection throughput these are some of the only options right now. Hopefully, someone like Qotom eventually created a mini PC with these CPUs are releases one for half price, but that will likely be a year or more away if they ever do.


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