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AnandTech Podcast 041

Patrick on the AnandTech Podcast 041: Let’s Talk Server

On the AnandTech Podcast 041: Let's Talk Server Patrick Kennedy joins Ian Cutress offer insights into some of the latest server trends.
Intel C3000 Denverton Day On STH

Intel Atom C3338 Benchmarks – Why Denverton is so Sweet

The Intel Atom C3338 provides revolutionary performance in the two core embedded x86 market. Our benchmarks show performance gains, in some areas such as OpenSSL speed being greater than 2x over the previous generation
Cloudflare Logo Black Sth

Cloudflare Security Compromised – Why you need to update passwords

Cloudbleed is the name given to a massive security breach at Cloudflare, a company that provides CDN and DDoS services for a broad swath of the Internet
Intel Xeon E5 Skylake AI Day 2016

Intel Skylake-EP Now Available (Though a Google Cloud Platform Program)

Intel is making its next-generation processors available through a Google Cloud Platform program. You can try Intel Skylake-EP in the GCP cloud now
Dell PowerEdge R930 4K Random Read IOPS NVMe Array Local

AWS i3 Instance Type Available: Hello NVMe!

AWS i3 instance types bring low latency NVMe storage with up to 8 drives (almost 2TB each) per instance along with Broadwell-EP processors

Google Cloud Platform with new NVIDIA GPU Support

Google Cloud Platform now has the ability to attach multiple GPUs based on the NVIDIA Tesla K80 so you can perform machine learning/ AI workloads on 8 GPU systems in the cloud
Synology DS416j Installation 5

Synology DSM 6.1 Released

Upgraded features for the Synology NAS ecosystem. We are excited to see the new Synology DSM 6.1 features extended to existing NAS units
AMD Ryzen 7 Box

AMD Ryzen 7 Parts Available for Pre-Order Now!

We have details on AMD Ryzen 7 parts (1800X, 1700X and 1700) and exciting news, you can pre-order them today ahead of the March 2 launch
PfSense 2.3.3

pfSense 2.3.3 Released

The popular open source network appliance software, pfSense 2.3.3 has been released with several security and bug fixes
Intel Xeon D Broadwell DE Package Over A LGA 3647 Socket

New Intel Xeon D Networking Chips Are Coming

Intel released details on a new QuickAssist enabled family of Intel Xeon D Networking chips that will also have double the 10GbE NIC for a total of 40Gbps

Latest Reviews

Supermicro A2SDI H TP4F Configured Overview

Supermicro A2SDi-H-TP4F Review 16 Core SoC With Power Consumption

Armed with the Intel Atom C3955 top of the line 16 core SoC the Supermicro A2SDi-H-TP4F has tons of features including 2x 10Gbase-T, 2x SFP+ and 12x SATA
Intel Atom C3000 Denverton 16 Core Package STH

Denverton Day Official STH Intel Atom C3000 Launch Coverage Central

This is the STH Intel Atom C3000 launch coverage central where you can find benchmarks from 2 to 16 cores, SKUs and platform announcements and more
Intel Atom C3955 Linux Kernel Compile Benchmark

Intel Atom C3955 16-Core Top End Linux Benchmarks and Review

We have release day Linux benchmarks and review of the Intel Atom C3955 16-core top-end SKU for the Denverton series