pfSense 2.3.3 Released

PfSense 2.3.3
PfSense 2.3.3

At STH we have many readers who use the open source pfSense solution to manage their networks. pfSense has released a new version 2.3.3. The new dot release provides several security and bug fixes to the popular software and several new features.

pfSense 2.3.3 Released

For existing users of pfSense, you should see the option to upgrade to pfSense 2.3.3 in your dashboard. pfSense upgrade function will update the system. If you are using a single pfSense appliance we do suggest holding off on updates until the least disruptive time to update. Whenever pfSense is upgraded it does require a reboot which means network downtime.

PfSense 2.3.3
PfSense 2.3.3

We also saw that one of the security advisories that prompted the 2.3.3 update will be a major feature in version 2.4.

You can read the pfSense 2.3.3 release notes here and the official blog post here.

At STH, we have a number of pfSense reviews. Here are a few highlights from our coverage:

We have reviewed official pfSense hardware, however, many STH readers like to build their own. We have a number of pfSense hardware guides which you can find linked from the main page here:

Now that both the Intel Atom C3000 series is launched (officially) as well as the Intel Xeon D Networking series, we will be updating our hardware guides. Many of those platforms are still months away but we are keeping our pfSense guides updated with currently available platforms.

Our suggestion is to move to pfSense 2.3.3 as soon as possible, keeping in mind that there will be a short period of downtime during the reboot.


  1. I’m curious if you would entertain the idea of doing a comparison with OPNsense? From my reading, there has been a lot of back and forth with them and pfSense, but I would be very much interested in your take on the two products.


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