Patrick on the AnandTech Podcast 041: Let’s Talk Server

AnandTech Podcast 041
AnandTech Podcast 041

During an event last week in San Francisco, Dr. Ian Cutress at AnandTech managed to corral me into doing the AnandTech Podcast. Ian is Senior Editor at AnandTech and follows the CPU market very closely. Many folks who were at STHMeetup2016 met Ian as he made the trip out from London to Mountain View last year.

AnandTech Podcast 041: Let’s Talk Server

At about 11PM one evening during a large storm in San Francisco, we started recording the podcast. Ian battled three primary forces for this podcast. First, the storm was creating tremendous winds that made the 22nd story of the building creak constantly. Second, I have not done a podcast in years. Third, we had to ensure that we were using publicly available information, for the topic of AMD Naples and the Intel Atom C2000 series bug. We specifically did this podcast before any disclosures that week.

You can read more about the podcast here via AnandTech. If you want to jump in, here is the podcast:

If you prefer additional listening formats, here are the podcast links:

RSS – mp3m4a
Direct Links – mp3m4a

Total Time:  28 minutes 39 seconds

Podcast Outline mm:ss

00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Patrick’s 2000 cores
01:41 – Atom C2000 Avoton/Rangeley Hardware Bug
09:22 – Denverton and C3000
15:17 – Xeon D-1500 Networking CPUs
18:02 – Opportunities for AMD Naples
28:39 – FIN

If you were wondering about the cover photo of the YouTube Podcast: Patrick Kennedy (ServeTheHome), Ian Cutress (AnandTech) and David Kanter (Microprocessor Report). Photo Taken by Raja Koduri (AMD).

I believe this is all information we have covered at STH. A few of the topics such as the Denverton C3000 series we have already published benchmarks on in the interim (e.g. the Intel Atom C3338 benchmarks yesterday.) You may be able to tell what event we were at based on the YouTube cover photo. We will have more content from that event shortly.



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