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February 24, 2015

Quick Guide: Getting NAS4Free up and running in 5 min

Our guide to getting a working NAS4Free installation up and running in 5 minutes or less
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October 1, 2013

Get a VMware ESXi ZFS appliance with napp-it and OmniOS installed in minutes!

A quick how to guide to get a ESXi ZFS All-in-One appliance setup with napp-it and OmniOS using a pre-configured virtual machine image in a few minutes!
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January 16, 2013

Installing and Configuring napp-it and OpenIndiana

This article is the first in a multi- part series featuring napp-it. For those that do not know what napp-it is, it is a free NAS / SAN web interface for Solaris derivatives. That is a big deal because it takes one of the most robust file systems in ZFS and makes it easy to use. Solaris and OpenSolaris derivatives such as OpenIndiana may not have the press that they once did, but it is built to be an ultra reliable operating system. ZFS has tons of great features built-in for data protection, memory caching, SSD caching, software RAID and etc. Prior to napp-it, managing a ZFS NAS based on Solaris or OpenSolaris meant learning CLI commands. With napp-it, users have an easy way to [...]

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August 8, 2012

Install OpenIndiana on ESXi 5.0 for All-in-One ZFS Server

Today we are looking at how-to install OpenIndiana on ESXi 5.0 in order to make an All-in-One ZFS server. The basic premise of this method is that one can utilize a virtual machine, passing through SAS controllers with VT-d or IOMMU to create a ZFS-based storage subsystem. Once this is done, it is fairly easy to install operating systems of one’s choosing and make the ZFS storage available to those virtual machines through the server’s high-speed ESXi networking. Another big advantage is that one can consolidate multiple servers into one box instead of having a┬áseparate┬áNAS / SAN and virtual machine server. Recently we looked at how to install Illumian, another Illumios [...]

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