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Seagate 1200 200GB alignment issue

SSD Alignment: Why you should quickly benchmark every SSD

A quick example of why one should quickly benchmark every SSD to ensure proper setup and alignment

Purch Anandtech

Purch – Owners of Tom’s Hardware bought Anandtech

Purch, the media company behind Tom's Hardware announced the purchase of Anandtech.

Seagate 1200 v Toshiba PX02SMF040 400GB ATTO Write Benchmark

Seagate 1200 400GB SAS SSD (ST400FM0013) Quick Benchmarks

Today we are putting the Seagate 1200 400GB SAS SSD through our quick benchmarks. The actual model name is the Seagate ST400FM0013 for these drives

Intel S3700 and 710

Intel DC S3700 and 710 100GB SSD Compared – Reliable Boot Options

Today we are comparing quick benchmark results of the Intel 710 100GB SSD and the Intel DC S3700 100GB SSD. It is little secret that Intel has an excellent reputation for reliable drives

pfSense Hyper-V 2.2-RC

pfSense 2.2 Release Candidate Available

The pfSense 2.2 Release Candidate is now available from pfSense.

Toshiba PX02SMF080 800GB

Toshiba PX02SMF040 400GB SSD – Quick Benchmarks

Our quick benchmarks and review of the Toshiba PX02SMF040 400GB SSD SAS3. This time we preview some of our database test latency data.

Amazon AWS Logo2

Amazon AWS EC2 Reserved Instance Pricing: A major change

Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 just made a major change to its reserved instance pricing: the potential to eliminate up-front costs.

LSI MegaRAID Scan Foreign Configuration

Fixing a drive labeled foreign by a LSI/ Avago SAS controller

How to fix a drive labeled foreign by a LSI/ Avago SAS controller. We have a step-by-step guide to fixing this issue