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Intel Fortville Controller Page

40GbE Intel Fortville XL710 – Networking will never be the same

We are in the midst of a major transition. Intel is releasing a new Fortville dual port 40GbE adapter that is going to revolutionize server networking

Google SPDY

HTTPS and SPDY now active on the ServeTheHome Fourms

Both HTTPS and SPDY are now active on the ServeTheHome Fourms

Linux-Bench Site updated and now with video instructions has been updated with new functionality and video instructions to make it the easiest Linux benchmark suite around


The (Xeon) EN is dead – Long Live EN!

The Intel Xeon -EN series may see its interest falling off, but it is about to become an awesome home virtualization lab platform

Thecus N7710-G Front Three Quarter

Thecus N7710-G Review – 7 bay NAS with 10Gb Ethernet

The Thecus N7710-G benefits from 10GBase-T Ethernet included as well as a powerful processor and 4GB of RAM to provide a tremendous value in a 7-bay NAS configuration

AMD Seattle SoC Overview

AMD Opteron A1100 Update from Hot Chips

An update on the AMD Opteron A1100 platform codenamed Seattle. The Opteron A1100 may be the first 64-bit server ARM chip widely available in Q4 2014.

Synology DS1813 front

Synology – SynoLocker Update

SynoLocker vulnerability we reported on earlier. The bottom line seems to be that one should move to newer versions of Synology DSM.

Synology DS414slim front

Synology – SynoLocker Notice

STH has many users that are running Synology NAS units. There is a serious security vulnerability called SynoLocker that Synology users should be aware of.