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ASRock EPC612D8A-TB Overview

ASRock Rack EPC612D8A-TB Review – Thunderbolt Server Motherboard

Features such as Thunderbolt, onboard audio and remote management capabilities make this a motherboard that can be used as a workstation, a server or both

Intel DC P3700 400GB PCB Open

Notes from our latest enterprise PCIe and NVMe SSD efforts

Recently we have been working with NVMe and PCIe SSDs in the lab and with the enterprise 2.5" NVMe drives, SATA III and SAS3 SSDs are moving down the stack

Hitachi SSD400SB

Hitachi HUSSL4010BSS600 100GB – Quick Benchmarks and Review

We have our quick benchmarks of the Hitachi Ultrastar SSD400S.B 100GB SLC drive. The Hitachi HUSSL4010BSS600 SSD provides phenomenal performance

Supermicro E100

Supermicro Internet of Things Gateway System with Intel Quark

Supermicro releases its SYS-E100-8Q IoT gateway appliance based on the A1SQN motherboard and an Intel Quark SoC X1000 (X1021)

nas4free install 6 - boot from USB

Quick Guide: Getting NAS4Free up and running in 5 min

Our guide to getting a working NAS4Free installation up and running in 5 minutes or less

Toshiba PX03SNB160 - ATTO Read Benchmark Comparison

Toshiba PX03SNB160 1.6TB SAS 3 SSD – Quick Benchmarks

We do our quick benchmarking runs on the Toshiba PX03SNB160 1.6TB SSD which features a hard drive like capacity and 12gbps SAS3 interface

Intel DC S3700 SSD

Intel DC S3500 240GB SSD Quick Benchmarks

Our Intel DC S3500 240GB SSD quick benchmarks and comparison to other inexpensive SSD options

SanDisk CloudSpeed Ascend

SanDisk CloudSpeed Ascend 960GB Quick Benchmarks

Our quick benchmarks of the SanDisk CloudSpeed Ascend 960GB SSD. We previously benchmarked other CloudSpeed models and compare the Ascend to its competition