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Ubuntu Release Cycle

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Released – New STH Standard

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is released. It will be the new standard STH Linux benchmarking OS in the coming months replacing 12.04 LTS.

BayTech PDU

Baytech RPC-3 Deal: Remote Switched 8-Port PDU under $50 – Windows App

Recently a deal on a Baytech RPC-3 remotely switched 8-port PDU. One forum member even made a Windows App to remotely power cycle ports using a GUI

MyDigitalSSD BP4 128GB Front Side

MyDigitalSSD BP4 128GB Benchmarks and Review

The MyDigitalSSD BP4 is a low cost drive with high quality Toshiba 19nm toggle NAND in a 50mm mSATA form factor.

AMD Sempron 3850 BIOS View

AMD Sempron 3850 Benchmarks and Review – Quad Core AM1 SoC

The AMD Sempron 3850 is AMD's lowest cost quad core AM1 SoC. It combines four Jaguar cores running at 1.3GHz with the R3 graphics solution all in a low power envelope.

AMD Sempron 2650 BIOS Shot

AMD Sempron 2650 Benchmarks and Review – Dual Core AM1 SoC

Low cost and low performance socket AM1 SoC with half the number of cores as compared to other AM1 chips

AMD AM1 Platform

AMD Athlon 5150 Benchmarks and Review – AM1 APU

The AMD Athlon 5150 is a lower cost part that provides SoC capabilities at low power consumption levels. This allows platforms to be small, inexpensive and quiet with minimal complexity.

Supermicro X10SBA Overview with Components

Supermicro X10SBA Review – A great low power platform

The Supermicro X10SBA platform packs many of features into a compact, low power fan-less package.

AMD Athlon 5350 Box

AMD Athlon 5350 Linux Benchmarks and Review

The AMD Athlon 5350 will be the highest performing AM1 processor at launch. It provides solid CPU performance for this segment along with a GCN based GPU and low power consumption.