MEGA 2.5GbE Switch Guide Update with 21 New Models Added

TRENDnet TEG 3102WS Dual SFP Plus
TRENDnet TEG 3102WS Dual SFP Plus

Today, we are releasing our latest project on the 2.5GbE switch side, with a video covering 21 models. This has been a massive undertaking, and we are not just adding unmanaged switches. Six are managed, eight have PoE, and we are adding new categories of switches, including one with 2.5G SFP ports and a new 8-port 2.5GbE and 2-port SFP+ category with even managed options in the new category. We also talked about an update to the testing methodology that we implemented in Q4 2023 but are just getting to discuss now. This is a massive update.

Massive 2.5GbE Switch Guide Update – 21 New Models

For this video, since we are trying to get through 21 products and discuss some of the new test methodology, we had to change our format. Instead of two minutes of introduction, by the video’s 1-minute mark, we have already started the overview of the second switch. This was delayed a month because we needed a format to get through switches much faster than we had previously. Here is the video:

As always, we suggest watching this in its own browser, tab, or app for a better viewing experience.

With the larger Scottsdale Studio, we pulled old switches and this set of new switches and plugged them in for a week each. Switches were put onto a dedicated Wireshark network to see if we could find unsanctioned traffic. Realistically, we cannot go deep into the firmware of dozens of switches in a review timeline, and even seven days of sitting idle slows the process down. This is at least a step we have been taking without broadcasting it just to ensure no party is optimizing for it. If we find anything in the future, we will let folks know on the main site and then stop reviewing products from the given company.

Gigaplus GP S25 0802 Front
Gigaplus GP S25 0802 Front

Of course, this methodology has many limitations. On the other hand, we at least wanted to add that we are advancing the methodology. We did not inform folks about this change because we hoped to find a switch doing something unexpected. We were also a bit happy that we did not. Still, we wanted to let the industry know that we are going to be advancing this space.

Final Words

A project like this is challenging. Unlike doing individual reviews, simply organizing everything becomes much more complex at each step. One of the reasons there are so few organizations that do huge round-ups like this, instead of individual reviews is that these take 160-200 labor hours to produce plus almost 4000 hours of testing. If you want to know why we publish individual switch reviews as well, part of that is to get into more detail. The other part is that we need to get more than one article from this much effort. Still, by the end of the day, there should be around 60 switches posted in The Ultimate Cheap Fanless 2.5GbE Switch Buyers Guide.

TRENDnet TEG 3102WS Physical Interfaces
TRENDnet TEG 3102WS Physical Interfaces

So far, we have found new revisions of boards and re-badged versions at different prices and available from different sources. These may be small things, but the goal is to make the opaque process of picking switches from unknown vendors easier.

The big thrust of this project is to get data out there on 2.5GbE switches using a consistent process. It is far from glamorous, but it is important. Shifting reviews from 1GbE to 2.5GbE has already directly impacted 2.5GbE switch pricing and competition.


  1. Could you please, please, add a table summarizing the different switch data’s so that we can easily compare them? Infos such as base power consumption, additional power per each 2.5g link, etc.
    It would also be interesting to measure real power usage using a bench power supply. I get most people will use the included power brick, but this leads to measuring the power brick efficiency instead of the switch efficiency. If I can be of help (I’m a testing equipment expert and an electrical engineer) just let me know!

  2. There needs to be comparison table or else it is impossible to keep track of what each model offers

  3. Mr. Patrick did STH test any of the SFP+ ports with DAC cables? I’m looking for an 8 port SFP+ homelab switch but kind of weary after hearing a lot of these brands are hit or miss with DAC.

  4. Great to see STH taking potential security issues seriously and testing for them. Unfortunately, now that the makers are aware though this may simply act as a confirmation for them that their baked in malware is working. Time will tell.

    And thank you for ‘peeling back the curtain’ a bit to let us know how much work goes into these reviews and videos. I think this is what separates professionals from the guys that make funny faces and take 20 minutes to tell you something you can read in 30 seconds. I still prefer to read my reviews for that exact reason. Video is a very time-consuming way to get information.


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