TYAN releases a new 1U OpenPOWER POWER8 platform

Tyan OpenPOWER 1U at GTC
Tyan OpenPOWER 1U at GTC

We spotted Tyan’s new 1U OpenPOWER platform at GTC/ the OpenPOWER summit this week in San Jose, California. The POWER8 based system is a monster supporting a single 10 core / 80 thread processor and a mountain of RAM. The platform can support 32 DIMMs for a total of 1TB of RAM (DDR3L RDIMMs) which is impressive.

Here is our shot of the real world server. Note it did not have a chip installed and there was a lot of “stuff” on the server.

Tyan OpenPOWER 1U at GTC
Tyan OpenPOWER 1U at GTC

And Tyan’s official pictures:

Tyan GT75-BP012-b OpenPOWER POWER8 1U
Tyan GT75-BP012-b OpenPOWER POWER8 1U

From the Tyan press release:

TYAN, an industry-leading server platform design manufacturer and subsidiary of MITAC Computing Technology Corporation, highlights the GT75-BP012, a new POWER8-based 1U server platform.

TYAN GT75-BP012 (BSP012G75V4H-B4C, BSP012G75V4H-Q4T, BSP012G75V4H-Q4F) platform is a 1U POWER8-based server solution that reveals the spirit of the OpenPOWER Foundation – resources and innovation are not limited to the community but are open to the world. “By building the ppc64 architecture in the 1U single-socket system, the TYAN GT75-BP012 provides huge memory footprint as well as outstanding performance for HPC and server virtualization applications.” said Albert Mu, Vice President of MITAC Computing Technology Corporation’s TYAN Business Unit.

TYAN GT75-BP012 platform supports the maximum configuration with a single POWER8 CPU (10-core/ 80-thread), 1,024GB DDR3L memory (32x 32GB) and 64MB last-level cache. With optional 4x 10GBASE-T, 4x 1000BASE-T, or 4x 10GBASE SFP+ uplink, 1x PCI-E expansion slot, and 4x LFF drives, the TYAN OpenPOWER-based platform can offer the exceptional capability for in-memory computing in a 1U implementation.

With the new GT75-BP012 introduction to OpenPOWER platform line-up, TYAN enables to provide enterprises and data centers with a high price-performance ratio solution for data analytics and high-performance computing application deployment based on TYAN GT75-BP012(1U) and TN71-BP012(2U) platforms.

We are still working to see if we can get an evaluation unit.


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