TerraMaster D2-310 2-Bay DAS Review

TerraMaster D2 310
TerraMaster D2 310

In our recent review series, we have mostly looked at NAS units with two to eight bays. While generally users like the NAS model, there are some users out there with slow networks, a single user, and like the simplicity of direct attach storage. The TerraMaster D2-310 DAS is aimed at this segment. Direct-attached storage units are much simpler in design and can be used for bulk storage attached to mobile workstations or laptop by simply plugging in a cable. In our review, we are going to see what this unit can do.

TerraMaster is well known in the lab as we have reviewed a number of NAS units, like the F2-221, F2-220, and F2-210 which are all 2-bay NAS’s. TerraMaster has ample products for that use case and the F4-421 which is a 4-bay NAS. One will notice that the D2-310 looks very much like a typical TerraMaster 2-Bay NAS as they all use common parts.

TerraMaster D2-310 2-Bay DAS Overview

We received our TerraMaster D2-310 as a complete retail unit which includes all the items you would get if you purchased this DAS. After opening the box, we see foam padding to protect the DAS and the accessory box at the side.

Removing the TerraMaster D2-310 from its packing material, we can now take a look at the DAS.

TerraMaster D2 310 Front
TerraMaster D2 310 Front

The enclosure of the TerraMaster D2-310 is identical to the TerraMaster 2-bay NAS units that we have reviewed before. Looking at the front, we find a silver power button on the left side with drive status LEDs above.

The back of the DAS has a Type-C USB 3.1 port and power connector. More on the RAID selection a bit later.

TerraMaster D2 310 Back
TerraMaster D2 310 Back

One massive 80mm cooling fan takes up the bulk of the space which provides the primary cooling for the DAS. This is not a redundant design, but fans are reliable enough these days.

Each drive bay can accommodate either a 3.5 inch or 2.5 inch hard drives or solid state drives up to 14TB in size for a total of up to 28TB raw capacity. We expect this will grow as later drives are released.

TerraMaster D2 310 Accessories
TerraMaster D2 310 Accessories

Accessories included with the TerraMaster D2-310 include:

  • Quick installation guide
  • AC power adapter
  • AC power cord
  • Type-C USB 3.1 cable
  • 2x packaged of assorted hard drive mounting screws
  • Screwdriver for mounting HDDs or SSDs
  • Small screwdriver for RAID selection
  • RAID reset pin

We would have liked if TerraMaster went to tool-less operation for RAID reset, RAID type selection, and drive installation. Buying this DAS means one also gets three more tools that need to be stored if you need them in the future.

TerraMaster D2-310 2-Bay DAS Drive Installation

Like the 2-Bay NAS units drives are mounted in the same fashion using provided screws, the trays are not tool-less.

TerraMaster D2 310 Installing Hard Drives
TerraMaster D2 310 Installing Hard Drives

Given this is a 2-bay unit, a handful of screws is not onerous, but we would like to see tool-less in the future.

Now that we have taken a look at the D2-310 hardware let us move to TerraMaster D2-310 setup.


  1. Nice review, but i have questions.

    – Is it possible to read S.M.A.R.T. data from disks in all modes? Raid 0, raid 1, jbod and single? For example using gsmarcontr (windows gui of smartmontools)?

    – And which chipset is used for usb connection?
    Because i have some bad experiences with asmedia chipset regarding smart-data readings

  2. What is a real life transfer speed of USB 3.1 gen1? I guess it is slower than 2x SSDs in RAID so gen2 port would have been a better option here.

  3. Any info on what RAID controller it uses?
    Is there a chance we will see a follow-up with comparisons against Raiodon devices (OEM for some Icy-bow devices, and available under their own brand too)?


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