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AMD Radeon Pro VII Launches as a DP Workstation Monster

The new AMD Radeon Pro VII offers a lot of double-precision compute and ECC HBM2 memory bandwidth for a relatively low $1899 MSRP

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Review Powerful OpenCL and Development Platform

Our late-cycle AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Review finds a powerful OpenCL and development platform that is now reasonably priced

AMD Radeon Pro V340 Dual Vega 32GB VDI Solution Launched

The AMD Radeon Pro V340 dual Vega 56 solution has a total of 112 compute units and 32GB of memory onboard to support up to 32x 1GB VDI users per card. AMD also uses hardware virtualization so it does not have NVIDIA GRID-like licensing. We have some exclusive hardware details

AMD Vega10 Update from Hot Chips 2017

At Hot Chips 2017 attendees were treated to an AMD Vega10 update highlighting SR-IOV virtualization for VDI and GPU compute efforts