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Google TPUv3 Discussed at Hot Chips 32

At Hot Chips 32, Google TPUv3 took center stage in two talks. The company announced the TPUv3 in 2018 but is still guarding its hardware secrets
MLPerf 0.7 Training Cover 2

MLPerf 0.7 Training Results When Winners Only Apply

We discuss the MLPerf 0.7 results and how one company has become "the fastest" in a race of one when they are are also a race organizer
Google Cloud TPU V2 Pod

Google Enables Low-Cost Fast TPU v2 Pod Training in GCP

This week, Google announced a low-cost and fast deep learning model training in GCP. With the results of MLPerf v0.5 in hand and the Google TPU v2 Pod hardware in its cloud, Google showed off the fast and cost-effective training solution

Case Study on the Google TPU and GDDR5 from Hot Chips...

At Hot Chips 29 (2017) attendees were treated to a case study on the original Google TPU and what the TPU would have looked like with GDDR5