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June 2023 Top500 Grasping with Relevance at ISC 2023

The June 2023 Top500 list was released grasping for relevance as companies de-prioritize submissions and one vendor resorts to extremes

Top500 November 2022 Our New Systems Analysis Lenovo Has More Stuffing...

Our analysis of the new systems on the November 2022 Top500 list shows the extent of Lenovo's stuffing, more than a Thanksgiving turkey

Top500 June 2022 Our New Systems Analysis Top Shuffle but Little...

We go through the June 2022 Top500 list and find churn at the top, but little else happening in this edition of the supercomputer list

HPE and AMD Powered Frontier Tops the Top500 Ushering in Exascale

Today we have the new ORNL Frontier supercomputer taking the top spot on the Top500 using HPE Cray EX with Slingshot and AMD CPUs and GPUs

Top500 June 2021 Our New Systems Analysis AMD Wins Big

In our Top500 June 2021 new systems analysis, AMD won big with Intel being buoyed by Lenovo submitting Chinese service provider clusters

Top500 November 2019 Our New Systems Analysis

Our November 2019 Top500 new supercomputer systems analysis shows trends in the lists makeup and more diversification than the June 2019 edition

Top500 June 2019 Our New Systems Analysis

We take the 94 new systems found on the June 2019 Top500 list and break down key technology segmentation in the population

Top500 November 2018 Our New Systems Analysis and What Must Stop

We analyze the November 2018 Top500 supercomputers list's new additions, show trends, and show a practice of benchmarking web hosting clusters that must stop

New TOP500 Supercomputer June 2017 List Released a Few Insights

There is a juggernaut picking up speed in the TOP500 list and we can see the first three systems pop up on this installment of the TOP500 list.