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Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express UCIe 1.0 Launched

Designing chips is about to get a lot more exciting with Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express or UCIe 1.0

PCI-SIG Releases 256GBps PCIe 6.0 x16 Spec

The new PCIe Gen6 specification from the PCI-SIG is out and will provide for up to 256GB/s of bandwidth on a PCIe Gen6 x16 link

New CXL Details at Intel Interconnect Day 2019

At Intel Interconnect Day 2019, we received new information on the future Compute Express Link or Intel CXL cache coherent interconnect for servers

PCI-SIG Releases PCIe 4.0 Version 1.0

The PCI-SIG finally releases PCIe 4.0 Version 1.0 and is already under pressure to deliver PCIe 5.0 to meet the demands of modern I/O devices