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Netgear Making Simple PoE Switches too Complex

We discuss how Netgear made a change to its low-end PoE switches that will likely cause easily avoidable confusion

Netgear GS305P v2 63W 5-port PoE+ Switch Review

In our Netgear GS305P v2 review, we see what this 63W PoE+ 5-port switch has to offer and how it compares to the v1 version it just replaced

Netgear GS305EP Review PoE+ 63W Switch with L2 Management

The Netgear GS305EP is a 5-port 1GbE switch with four PoE+ ports and basic L2 management with a 63W PoE power budget

Netgear GS305P 55W 5-port PoE Switch Review

In our Netgear GS305P 55W 5-port PoE switch review, we find a fairly basic PoE switch but also something that may confuse our readers

Netgear GS108PP 8-Port PoE+ Switch Review

In our Netgear GS108PP 8-port switch review we see what this 123W PoE and PoE+ switch offers and how it performs

Netgear WAX630 WiFi 6 Access Point Launched

The new Netgear WAX630 is the company's newest WiFi 6 AP designed for the SMB market bringing tri-band radios and 2.5GbE to its portfolio

Netgear MS510TXM and MS510TXUP for the 2.5GbE Generation

The new Netgear MS510TXM and MS510TXUP are out for the 2.5GbE generation which is important as client devices and WiFi APs adopt 2.5GbE

Netgear GC108PP Review 8-port Fanless PoE+ Switch 126W

In our Netgear GC108PP review, we see what this 8-port fanless switch with 126W of PoE+ capacity has to offer

Netgear GS710TUP 10-port Ultra60 60W POE++ Switch Review

In our Netgear GS710TUP switch review, we see what this new generation of a 10-port switch with 8x 60W Ultra60 PoE++ ports has to offer

Netgear Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Doubles Previous-Gen Speeds

Bringing WiFi 6 and some 2.5GbE connectivity to the mesh WiFi market, the Netgear Orbi Pro 6 offers significantly more generational performance