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Intel Atom P5000 Series Mightily Expanded and with a NetSec Card

The Intel Atom P5000 series expands with nine new SKUs as Snow Ridge goes prime time with 10nm E-cores, QAT, and up to 100GbE networking

Intel Atom C5000 Series Stealthily Launched

Intel stealth launched Parker Ridge. The new Intel Atom C5000 series has six new SKUs for the new C-series 10nm CPUs

Topton M6 Review An Intel Jasper Lake Mini PC with 2.5GbE

We take a look at a $299 Intel Jasper Lake (N5105) powered mini PC with 2.5GbE and WiFi 6 and see if Atom PCs are fast enough

NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU on Geekbench 5

We had several questions about the NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU's Arm core performance versus a Raspberry Pi 4 and Intel Atom, so here is Geekbench

Supermicro Fanless Intel Xeon D-1700 at MWC 2022 and More

We found new Supermicro fanless Intel Xeon D-1700 systems, a new short-depth 1U Ice Lake-D system, and a fanless Elkhart Lake system at MWC

Intel Gracemont Low Power x86 Cores

We cover the Intel Gracemont disclosures and see how the Intel Atom line's next-generation efficient E-core will evolve

Intel Atom C3000 Line Quietly Refreshed

We found a quiet refresh to the Intel Atom C3000 line where four new refresh SKUs have been added for low-power embedded edge server applications

Tyan S32272NR-C958 Review lowest power 16 core Atom platform

The Tyan S32272NR-C958 sheds unnecessary features to provide an ultra-low power 16-core Atom C3958 platform targeted at security appliances

Intel’s Atom D425 and D525 Announcement – STH’s View

Yesterday Intel announced the Atom D425 and D525 platforms targeted for small storage servers. Both chips are 1.8GHz parts with Hyper-Threading. The Atom D425...

Intel Core i5-650 v. Atom N330/ NVIDA ION Review

Intel's Clarkdale and H55/ H57 platforms are quite intriguing for several reasons. First, the performance is fairly good starting at 2.93ghz, and with hyperthreading,...