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IDC 1Q21 Server Tracker Dell Losing Ground while HPE and Lenovo...

In the IDC 1Q21 Quarterly Server Tracker, Dell loses major ground while HPE and Lenovo grow units, revenue, and ASPs

IDC 3Q20 Server Tracker Dell and HPE with Big Share Gain

In the IDC 3Q20 Quarterly Server Tracker, Dell made a big market share move increasing share by selling lower-cost servers

IDC 2Q20 Server Tracker Inspur and ODM Direct Grow Dell Contracts

In our IDC 2Q20 server tracker analysis, we see Inspur, ODM direct, and Lenovo jump while Dell EMC grows at a slower rate than the market
MLPerf 0.7 Training Cover 2

MLPerf 0.7 Training Results When Winners Only Apply

We discuss the MLPerf 0.7 results and how one company has become "the fastest" in a race of one when they are are also a race organizer

IDC 3Q19 Quarterly Server Tracker Shipments Slow Inspur Grows Again

We discuss the IDC 3Q19 Quarterly Server Tracker numbers and show how Dell and HPE are leading with Inspur still rising quickly
Huawei Ascend 910 AI Training Server Cover

Huawei Ascend 910 Provides a NVIDIA AI Training Alternative

At Hot Chips 31, the Huawei Ascend 910 was presented along with a range of solutions with the company's DaVinci AI cores directly aimed at NVIDIA

Intel CXL Compute Express Link Interconnect Announced

Intel CXL announced with a small set of partners. The Compute Express Link Interconnect release seems to signal Intel is getting closer to Gen-Z adoption

Huawei Kunpeng 920 64-Core Arm Server CPU with CCIX and PCIe...

With 64 cores at up to 2.6GHz, PCIe Gen4, CCIX and 100GbE, the Huawei Kunpeng 920 is perhaps the highest performance Arm sever chip launched to date on 7nm