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HP ProDesk 400 G4 Mini Project TinyMiniMicro Guide

In our HP ProDesk 400 G4 Mini review and guide for Project TinyMiniMicro, we see how this unit compares to other ProDesk and EliteDesk G4 offerings

STH Project TinyMiniMicro the Plex Server Setup Guide

In our STH Project TinyMiniMicro Plex server setup guide, we show how to turn a small TMM node into a Plex server with hardware accelerated transcoding

HP EliteDesk 705 G4 Mini AMD Ryzen-based Project TinyMiniMicro

In our HP EliteDesk 705 G4 Mini Project TinyMiniMicro guide we see how this AMD Ryzen-powered mini PC compares to its competition and predecessors

Guide to Turning a Project TinyMiniMicro Node into a pfSense Firewall

Our guide to turning a STH Project TinyMiniMicro node into a pfSense firewall for a high-quality and low-cost firewall including IDS and IPS

HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini Project TinyMiniMicro CE Review

We continue our Project TinyMiniMicro series with our HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini CE review. We see what this $205 node offers compared to other TMM nodes

Introducing Project TinyMiniMicro Home Lab Revolution

STH Project TinyMiniMicro is set to revolutionize the home lab segment with clusters of high-quality, quiet, low power, and inexpensive nodes

Building a Lab Part 2 Building Our Network

In part 2 of our Building a Lab series, we take a look at the network setup used to build our lab. We also discuss challenges and what can be done better

Z by HP Rack Mountable Remote Workstations with ZCentral Launched

Z by HP rack mountable remote workstations and ZCentral management bring a new twist to the integrated remote workstation solution market

HP ZBook 14u G6 Mobile Workstation Review

Our HP ZBook 14u G6 mobile workstation review looks at what a low power Intel and AMD powered notebook can do in this segment

Massive HP Leak of Intel Cascade Lake Server CPU Specs

Either inadvertently or to create buzz around the HP Z6 G4 dual-socket workstation, the company made an early and newsworthy leak of a portion of the Intel Xeon Scalable Cascade Lake generation SKU stack