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SK hynix Introduces New 12-layer HBM3 Memory

SK hynix has new 12-layer HBM3 memory increasing capacity from 8-layer 16GB stacks to 12-layer 24GB stacks

AMD Talks Stacking Compute and DRAM at ISSCC 2023

At ISSCC 2023, Dr. Lisa Su CEO of AMD discusses why stacking compute and DRAM can lead to enormous efficiency gains

New Intel Data Center GPU Max at SC22 Including PCIe and...

Ponte Vecchio gets branding with the new Intel Data Center GPU Max series with PCIe and OAM models ahead of SC22 next week

Intel Xeon Max CPU is the Sapphire Rapids HBM Line

The Intel Xeon Max CPU, formerly Sapphire Rapids HBM, will add up to 64GB of HBM2e and 56 cores in a 350W TDP package for HPC

A Look at a 2023 Top500 Aurora Supercomputer Node with Intel...

We take a look at a system we expect to debut on the Top500 list in 2023 with the Intel Ponte Vecchio and Sapphire Rapids Aurora node

Intel Sapphire Rapids HBM at Vision 2022

We take a look at the 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs with onboard HBM2E codenamed the Intel Sapphire Rapids HBM at Vision 2022

JEDEC Publishes JESD238 HBM3 Spec For Next-Gen Accelerators

JEDEC published the JESD238 HBM3 spec for new higher-speed HBM3 memory that will power next-generation compute and accelerators

Xilinx Alveo U55C Brings HBM FPGAs to the HPC Market

The Xilinx Alveo U55C brings 16GB of HBM2 memory to a single slot 150W card with dual QSFP28 ports to create a unique HPC offering

SK hynix Announces Its Ultra-Fast HBM3

SK hynix announced that it has developed ultra-fast HBM3 in 16GB and 24GB capacities for next-generation chips

Xilinx Versal HBM Announced with High-speed Memory

Xilinx Versal HBM brings HBM2e by swapping out a SLR in its Versal ACAP architecture to feed higher-bandwidth applications