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Bob Swan 2020 Half Of Data Created By IOT Devices

Intel at CES 2020 AI at the Edge Coming

At CES 2020, Intel focused on its plans to expand the addressable market for its silicon from the edge to the data center underpinned by AI
Habana Labs Gaudi HLS 1 OAM System

Intel Acquires Habana Labs Stoking its AI Efforts

Signaling that the Intel Nervana NNP-T was not going to cut it, Intel is acquiring Habana Labs to bolster its scale-out AI silicon portfolio for hyper-scale
Habana Labs Gaudi HLS 1 OAM System

Favored at Facebook Habana Labs Eyes AI Training and Inferencing

Habana Labs has become a big player in the Facebook OAM ecosystem as one of the only AI startups with hardware and software for training and inferencing