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Dynatron J10 2U AMD EPYC Genoa Heatsink and Fan Unit

The Dynatron J10 for 2U AMD EPYC Genoa servers covers the larger SP5 socket and higher TDPs than its predecessor

Dynatron J12 for 320W SP5 AMD EPYC Genoa is Big

Today we look at the Dynatron J12 designed to cool up to 320W AMD EPYC Genoa Socket SP5 CPUs for 3U and larger servers and workstations

Launches and Mirrors AMD EPYC Genoa and Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids

AMD EPYC Genoa launches on 2022-11-10 and Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids on 2023-01-10. The definition of launch, however, is fairly fluid

AMD EPYC Genoa Launches 10 November 2022

AMD EPYC Genoa now has an official launch date. AMD said today that the new EPYC line will launch at an event on November 10, 2022

Microsoft Shows AMD Genoa 1P Server Powered by Hydra at OCP...

At OCP Summit 2022 Microsoft showed a running AMD Genoa generation EPYC processor with 24x DIMM slots and a massive heatsink with a Hydra BMC

Lenovo Launches Intel Sapphire Rapids AMD EPYC Genoa and Chinese Arm...

Today Lenovo launched new Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids, AMD EPYC Genoa, and Arm servers ahead of those platform launches

AMD and Intel 2P Server Core Count Growth 2010-2022

From a talk I am giving this week, here is a look at dual-socket server AMD and Intel CPU core count growth from 2010-2022

AMD 2022-2024 Roadmaps the Video

We take the major AMD 2022-2024 roadmap disclosures from FAD 2022 and put them into a video talking about Zen 4, Zen 5, Ryzen 7000, EPYC Genoa, Genoa-X, Bergamo, Siena, RDNA 3, CDNA 3, Instinct MI300, and even the embedded and AI side

AMD EPYC Update at AMD Financial Analyst Day 2022

At AMD FAD 2022, AMD showed off more details around Genoa, Genoa-X, Bergamo, and Siena server CPUs coming for Zen 4

AMD Bergamo to hit 128 Cores and Genoa at 96 Cores

AMD Bergamo with up to 128 Zen 4c cores and AMD Genoa with up to 96 Zen 4 cores on track for AMD's next-generation of EPYC server CPUs