AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa STH Editors Choice Award Winner 2022

AMD EPYC 9554 EPYC 9654 And EPYC 7374F Genoa 4
AMD EPYC 9554 EPYC 9654 And EPYC 7374F Genoa 4

The STH Editor’s Choice Award is not given lightly. Indeed, if you check The STH Editors Choice Award Winners, this is an award we have not given out since December 2020. Today, we have our first award handed out in two years. This one goes to the AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa.

AMD EPYC Genoa STH Editor’s Choice Award Winner 2022

Transitioning to the new generation of servers was a major leap for AMD. The cores shrunk to 5nm and we get an increase in the per-socket core count of 50%. That is one of the largest increases we have seen in a long time.

AMD EPYC 9654 Genoa In SP5 Socket 4
AMD EPYC 9654 Genoa In SP5 Socket 4

Beyond the increase in core count, AMD EPYC Genoa also had a number of platform modifications. Those include 50% more memory channels and now using DDR5 instead of DDR4, CXL 1.1 Type-3 device (memory expander) support, PCIe Gen5, and an increase in lower-speed I/O lanes. While it is easy to say “More cores, More better” the reality is that we saw a massive jump in core counts during a platform overhaul cycle.

Microsoft Azure HBv4 Dual AMD EPYC Genoa And FPGA At SC22 3
Microsoft Azure HBv4 Dual AMD EPYC Genoa And FPGA At SC22 3

The impact of these machines is becoming apparent. Thermals on the new chips have gone up substantially and we now see AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa parts using around 3x the power of mainstream Xeon processors from a decade ago, albeit with 12x the core count and much more memory and I/O bandwidth. Perhaps the strangest part is that this is not the highest performance, nor the highest core count processor for the initial AMD SP5 socket generation with Genoa-X and Bergamo coming.

Final Words

Congratulations to the AMD team on delivering an awesome product line here. The AMD EPYC 9004 series clearly stands above its current competition.

STH Editors Choice Award 800
STH Editors Choice Award 800

As the first Editor’s Choice Award given in two years, the AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa series felt like it was a deserving engineering achievement.


  1. Not a surprise – we know Patrick desperately wants love from AMD – even though SPR will ship in volume well before this latest glorified desktop CPU…

    SPR will sell in the 10s to 100s of millions of units…
    AMD will sell in the 10s to 100 thousands of units…

  2. Given Intel’s form, comparing SPR “sales” to Genoa is comparing currently marketed product to pie in the sky vaporware.

  3. @Dissident Aggressor: AMD made 1.6B in revenue from their datacenter operation in Q3 2022, with ~$500M in operating income. In the same quarter, Intel made 4.2B in revenue from DCG at ~$0 operating income. Per mercury research, AMD is marginally over 10% server shipments, so clearly AMD is getting the high-end of the DCG revenue. This isn’t a single datapoint, there’s been a trend over the last 2 years. Your unit shipment estimate is off by couple of orders of magnitude, unless you’ve only recently returned from a couple of years of complete isolation.

    “latest glorified desktop CPU” Explain what that means. Apart from an extra AVX512 unit, intel’s server uarch has been near-identical to client/desktop uarch. Both x86 manufacturers have sold the same design in client and server markets, and this is x86’s biggest strength. If it’s a ding on the MCM design, SPR is also multi-chip.

  4. Patrick, on behalf of the entire AMD team, thank you for the accolade! It’s a great recognition for the work of our development team.


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