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How We Test 2U 4-Node System Power Consumption

How we test 2U 4-node system power consumption. We show our industry-leading approach that utilizes up to 16 dual Xeon E5 nodes to provide great numbers.

STH and DemoEval – One year later

We share some behind the scenes stats on the STH and DemoEval lab along with the site after one year of having full-time work behind it.

Check out DemoEval at Flash Memory Summit 2016

Come see STH at Flash Memory Summit. We will have a review server to check out in person and that will be available via DemoEval after the show

Announcing DemoEval – The better way to try enterprise hardware

We are pleased to announce DemoEval, a better way to try enterprise hardware for yourself. Get access to the newest hardware in an independent facility

STH turns 7 and announcing the biggest new feature in the...

On our 7th anniversary we review the year past, the year ahead and we are launching a paradigm shift in enterprise hardware demos/ evaluations