Check out DemoEval at Flash Memory Summit 2016

STH DemoEval Booth FMS 2016
STH DemoEval Booth FMS 2016

If you are attending Flash Memory Summit 2016 you can see STH and DemoEval live on the show floor. We will be floating around the show floor meeting with various flash vendors as we normally do. The server we used in our Phison S10DC review this week will be at the Phison booth #714. Come check out an actual review system we use at STH. After the show, that system will be online in our DemoEval lab for you to run your own workloads on the 24x Phison S10DC SATA SSD system we used for the review.

STH DemoEval Booth FMS 2016
STH DemoEval Booth FMS 2016

This is an unprecedented step where a review and show floor system will be setup in an independent test facility. The S10DC platform is not even available for sale (yet) so this is truly early access to a new technology.

DemoEval has become a popular tool for large IT departments looking to setup proof of concept workloads on new hardware. Silicon Valley companies are using DemoEval to test their workloads on different hardware without having to procure, setup and manage systems. If you have not tried DemoEval, it is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and answer questions such as:

  • Can I replace my older generation systems with low power Xeon D nodes?
  • Does my machine algorithm scale to 8 low-end CUDA GPUs?
  • Would NVMe be a major upgrade for my organization?
  • Would moving to more expensive processors benefit my real-world workloads?
  • What system should we use as an appliance for our hyper-converged appliances?

DemoEval customers are answering these questions today. You can check out the system and meet William Harmon and Patrick Kennedy at the Phison booth during exhibition hours at Flash Memory Summit 2016.

We hope to see you at the show! Come say hi to some of the team behind STH and see how we are building the most exciting platform for hardware gurus.


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