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Touring the PhoenixNAP Data Center

We get a look inside a data center touring the phoenixNAP facility in Phoenix Arizona for a unique behind-the-scenes look at operations

Microsoft Project Natick Gen 3 Undersea Azure AZ

Microsoft Project Natick Gen 3 is planning for 5MW power envelopes enabling future Azure availability zones with larger undersea data centers

The 6 Layers of Google GCP Data Center Security

We get a glimpse into the 6 layers of Google GCP data center security to see how cloud production environments are secured

STH Data Center Lab Update May 2016

An update on the STH data center lab (in Sunnyvale, California) as of early May 2016. We have some exciting features planned with the infrastructure

Inside the Intel Data Center at its Santa Clara Headquarters and...

We have pictures of Intel's new data center in a decommissioned and converted fab. We also managed to get some shots of a Top-500 supercomputer