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Backblaze Also Points to Seagate Exos X12 Reliability Challenges

Our readers recently pointed out that Backblaze's hard drive reliability report for 2021 on Seagate Exos X12 drives aligns with a recent story

Backblaze Storage Pod v4 Announced – STH Dissects the Build

Backblaze has released details around their newest v4 storage pod. This new version (finally) changes out the previous port multiplier design.

Backblaze Scaling to 1/2 Exabyte with New Datacenter

Backblaze releases information about its new datacenter joining Twitter, PG&E and others in Sacramento, California.

Hard Drive Reliability by Backblaze

Backblaze looks at vendor reliability over its population of over 27,000 hard drives and tries to answer which is best for its application.

Storage Reliability Figures from Backblaze

Backblaze looks at storage reliability across its population of over 25,000 consumer grade hard drives.

Backblaze v3 – the 180TB 4U Storage Pod Updated and Unleased

A look at the Backblaze v3 storage pod that is powering the $5/month unlimited online backup service from the company.

Backblaze Storage Pod Upgraded – 135TB in 4U for under $8,000

One project that inspired some of my own work has been the Backblaze storage pod v1 which held 67TB in a custom 45 drive...