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Exclusive: First Cavium ThunderX Dual 48 Core (96 core total) ARM...

We have exclusive first benchmarks of a dual socket Cavium ThunderX platform which has two 48 core ARMv8 64-bit processors for a total of 96 ARM cores.

Exclusive: Gigabyte – Annapurna Labs ARM storage server benchmarks

We have exclusive benchmarks of the Gigabyte - Annapurna Labs ARM server benchmarks. We specifically benchmark the Annapurna Labs Alpine AL5140 and compare

Synology DS1515 and RS815 Released

Today Synology released its DS1515 and RS815 units. Both are based on low power ARM processors which has been a trend in cold storage NAS units lately.

Gigabyte releases ARM server based on AppliedMicro X-Gene

The Gigabyte MP30-AR0 is a new ARM based server platform built with the AppliedMicro X-Gene SoC. The low power 1U R120-P30 server platform includes one

Intel can hold ARM (largely) out of the datacenter for 3...

After reading numerous news articles about how ARM will destroy Intel in the data center, I thought it was about time to share a counterpoint.

Common Compute Node Slots – Why we need them

Why the industry needs a new common compute node form factor to change the game in terms of density for low power clusters

Intel Centerton Atom Based 6w Cloud CPU – Battling ARM

At Intel Developers Forum (IDF) in Beijing Intel announced its new Centerton Atom SoC to combat the looming threat of ARM architectures in for cloud...

Windows 8 Preview, Intel’s Threat, QNAP Expanding

Unfortunately client commitments meant I was unable to make Computex this year but I have been following coverage. There were a few interesting announcements...