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Intel Habana Greco AI Inference PCIe Card at Vision 2022

The Intel Habana Greco is the company's new AI inference accelerator in a low-profile PCIe card with massive generational improvements

Intel Habana Gaudi2 Launched for Lower-Cost AI Training

Intel Gaudi2 is the new AI training chip from the Habana Labs acquisition that offers a massive jump in terms of compute and memory specs
Inspur MetaEngine

Inspur MetaEngine for NVIDIA OVX

The Inspur MetaEngine is the company's NVIDIA OVX platform. We had a chance to talk to Inspur about why its customers are deploying it

AMD Xilinx VCK5000 AI Accelerator Launched

The new AMD Xilinx VCK5000 is designed to bring AI inference acceleration alongside other parts of the pipeline onto the Versal ACAP card

Tyan Transport HX FT65T-B8030 Video Overview

We take a look at the Tyan Transport HX FT65T-B8030 AMD EPYC GPU compute tower server in a video after our STH main site review
Graphcore IPU POD256 Cover

Graphcore IPU-POD128 and IPU-POD256 Extend Scale

With the new Graphcore IPU-POD128 and IPU-POD256 the company is demonstrating its capability to scale its solution to larger cluster sizes
MLPerf TinyML Metrics

MLPerf Tiny v0.5 Launched for Embedded Devices

MLPerf Tiny v0.5 is out for comparing the AI inference performance and power of embedded microcontroller devices

Xilinx Kria KV260 FPGA-based Video AI Development Kit is a Huge...

The Xilinx Kria KV260 FPGA-based Video AI Development Kit is a huge step in bringing FPGA solutions to a wider developer community
Xilinx Kria KV260 Starter Kit Cover

Xilinx Kria Edge AI SOMs Launched with Developer Kit

The new Xilinx Kria line aims to bring a pre-built System-on-Module to market with a FPGA, Arm cores, and more in a ready-to-deploy design
NVIDIA GTC China 2020 Bill Dally Co Packaged Optics

NVIDIA GTC China 2020 Co-Packaged Photonics and Inference

At NVIDIA GTC China 2020, NVIDIA shared its vision for co-packaged photonics in the data center and more efficient AI inference at the edge