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MLPerf TinyML Metrics

MLPerf Tiny v0.5 Launched for Embedded Devices

MLPerf Tiny v0.5 is out for comparing the AI inference performance and power of embedded microcontroller devices

Xilinx Kria KV260 FPGA-based Video AI Development Kit is a Huge...

The Xilinx Kria KV260 FPGA-based Video AI Development Kit is a huge step in bringing FPGA solutions to a wider developer community
Xilinx Kria KV260 Starter Kit Cover

Xilinx Kria Edge AI SOMs Launched with Developer Kit

The new Xilinx Kria line aims to bring a pre-built System-on-Module to market with a FPGA, Arm cores, and more in a ready-to-deploy design
NVIDIA GTC China 2020 Bill Dally Co Packaged Optics

NVIDIA GTC China 2020 Co-Packaged Photonics and Inference

At NVIDIA GTC China 2020, NVIDIA shared its vision for co-packaged photonics in the data center and more efficient AI inference at the edge
STH Q4 2020 AI Interview With Vangel And Paresh

AI in 2020 and a Glimpse of 2021 with Inspur and...

We discuss key trends for AI in 2020 with Inspur and NVIDIA with a look at what to expect as we head into 2021.
Bill Pearson Intel OpenVNIO DevCloud Cover

Intel OpenVINO and DevCloud Bill Pearson Discussion

We give a quick overview of OpenVINO and DevCloud for the Edge after a quick discussion with Bill Pearson VP of IoT at Intel
Hot Chips 32 Lightmatter Mars Cover

Lightmatter Mars SoC AI Inference Using Light

What may have been the biggest threat to the HC32 conference norm, the Lightmatter silicon photonics chip uses light to do AI inferencing

Molex BittWare 250-M2D Adds Xilinx FPGAs to M.2

The Molex BittWare 250-M2D adds Xilinx FPGAs to M.2 slots for OCP Yosemite V2 and Glacier Point V2 platforms for storage and AI acceleration

Hands-on with the IP65 Rated Supermicro Outdoor Edge System

We get hands-on with the IP65 rated Supermicro Outdoor Edge System designed to provide compute for 5G and AI video analytics directly on the pole
Inspur AIStation Login Cover

Inspur AIStation for AI Cluster Operations Management Solution

We get hands-on time with Inspur AIStation helping users and administrators manage AI cluster operations across an organization using Kubernetes