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Hot Chips 32 Lightmatter Mars Cover

Lightmatter Mars SoC AI Inference Using Light

What may have been the biggest threat to the HC32 conference norm, the Lightmatter silicon photonics chip uses light to do AI inferencing

Molex BittWare 250-M2D Adds Xilinx FPGAs to M.2

The Molex BittWare 250-M2D adds Xilinx FPGAs to M.2 slots for OCP Yosemite V2 and Glacier Point V2 platforms for storage and AI acceleration

Hands-on with the IP65 Rated Supermicro Outdoor Edge System

We get hands-on with the IP65 rated Supermicro Outdoor Edge System designed to provide compute for 5G and AI video analytics directly on the pole
Inspur AIStation Login Cover

Inspur AIStation for AI Cluster Operations Management Solution

We get hands-on time with Inspur AIStation helping users and administrators manage AI cluster operations across an organization using Kubernetes
Dell EMC Ready Solutions For AI And HPC GPUaaS

Dell Brings Turnkey GPUaaS to VMware Using Bitfusion

Dell is bringing turnkey GPUaaS solutions to its customers enabled through VMware and Bitfusion to ease AI clusters into corporate IT

Inspur NF5488M5 Review A Unique 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 Server

The Inspur NF5488M5 utilizes 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM3 modules and employs a NVSwitch based NVLink fabric to provide a top-end 8x GPU solution in this generation

Dell Unleashes Its Expanded Edge Computing Portfolio

Dell unleashes its expanded edge computing portfolio to address data processing, storage, and analytics away from the central data center

Our Interview with Andrew Feldman CEO of Cerebras Systems

Our interview with Andrew Feldman, CEO of Cerebras Systems, about how the company produced its wafer-scale AI chip, CS-1 machine, and what it means for the company and the AI space
NVIDIA TensorRT 7 Cover

NVIDIA TensorRT 7 Launched and NVIDIA Drive AGX Orin Announced

At GTC China 2019, NVIDIA TensorRT 7 debuted alongside a new automotive AI pipeline and chip called Orin set to release in 2022
Habana Labs Gaudi HLS 1 OAM System

Intel Acquires Habana Labs Stoking its AI Efforts

Signaling that the Intel Nervana NNP-T was not going to cut it, Intel is acquiring Habana Labs to bolster its scale-out AI silicon portfolio for hyper-scale