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Intel Agilex 7 with R Tile Launched Integrated PCIe Gen5 and...

The new Intel Agilex 7 with R-Tile provides hardened PCIe Gen5 and CXL IP to accelerate bringing new solutions to market

BittWare IA-220-U2 Intel Agilex FPGA in U.2 at FMS 2022

The BittWare IA-220-U2 fits an Intel Agilex FPGA into a U.2 2.5in drive bay as a precursor to a larger industry trend we are seeing

Intel Teams with Inspur and Ruijie for FPGA-based IPU Solutions

Intel, Inspur, Ruijie Networks, and Silicom team to bring the Oak Springs Canyon Agilex FPGA and Xeon D IPU to market

New Intel IPUs and Mount Evans ASIC is its First DPU...

New Intel IPUs with Agilex and Xeon D are announced along with Mount Evans the company's first DPU IPU ASIC that sheds x86 for Arm Neoverse

Intel Claims Agilex FPGAs are Twice as Good as Xilinx Versal

Intel is out with a new claim that its 10nm SuperFin Agilex FPGAs are twice as efficient as Xilinx Versal ACAPs

New Intel Open FPGA Stack or OFS and eASIC N5X Add...

New Intel Open FPGA Stack or OFS helps developers get going faster with FPGAs and the eASIC N5X is a new structured ASIC product

Intel Agilex Family Hot Chips 32 Update

Intel Agilex with 10nm process, PCIe Gen5 and CXL, new transceivers, and a new layout with better ALMs and routing for next-gen FPGA deployments

Intel 10nm SuperFin Enhanced SuperFin and Hybrid Bonding

We discuss the Intel Architecture Day 2020 disclosures around 10nm SuperFin, Enhanced SuperFin, and new packaging techniques such as hybrid bonding

Intel Stratix 10 Adds UPI and PCIe Gen4 Readying for CXL

The Intel Stratix 10 adds UPI for cache coherent connectivity with Xeon CPUs along with PCIe Gen4. Intel also hints at an Agilex with CLX and PCIe Gen5

Intel Agilex Next-Gen FPGAs Shipping to Microsoft and Others

Shipping to early access customers such as Microsoft, the new Intel Agilex FPGAs appear to be coming out according to earlier guidance