STH family is expanding – Introducing William Harmon

William Harmon Quadro
William Harmon Quadro

Today we are excited to announce that the STH family is expanding. William Harmon, formerly the enterprise product reviewer at TweakTown is joining STH this week. As many folks have seen, STH has grown (substantially) ever since its launch almost six years ago. 

William Harmon LN2 smallEver since the launch I have been writing about 90% of the total content which is fun, but time has been an issue lately. Between the server administration side, building out the colocation testing lab, providing tools such as the RAID calculatorRAID reliability calculator and Linux-Bench expanding means adding more capacity. With William now writing for STH, we now have a seasoned tech writer in the space joining to help STH grow. We will still have community spotlight pieces such as the recent Fusion-io guide from Mark Ma, but we now have more review throughput.

William Harmon started working with computers back in 2005 and began overclocking all kinds of different setups. His focus back then and even now is extreme cooling using Single Stage Phase units, Cascades and Liquid Nitrogen. During this time he was also in several competitions that GIGABYTE had sponsored, GOOC 2009 and 2010.

Using technics in overclocking and cooling that William learned over the years he started building high speed workstations and servers for clients who needed higher performing systems. Many of these systems are used in high frequency trading companies and work stations used in all kinds of professions. At TweakTown, he provided and developed accurate test and benchmark methods for servers and other equipment to help make purchasing decisions easier.

Please join me in welcoming William to the STH team and community. You can find him in the STH forums with the username William. He has already posted some awesome pictures of gear he is testing.




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