New Cavium FastLinQ 45000 25GbE and 100GbE Adapters with RDMA and DPDK Support

Cavium FastLinQ 25GbE And 100GbE Adapters
Cavium FastLinQ 25GbE And 100GbE Adapters

A few months ago, Cavium acquired QLogic bolstering its interconnect portfolio. The new merged company is announcing new 25GbE and 100GbE adapters with RDMA and DPDK support. The new Cavium FastLinQ 45000 series  25GbE and 100GbE adapters are targeted at the emerging networking standards set to have a break-through year in 2017. As we move to higher-speed Ethernet standards, acceleration technology for features such as NVGRE and DPDK become more important. Likewise, the role of RDMA for 100GbE class applications becomes increasingly crucial as networking speeds increase and the data path needs to be optimized.

Cavium FastLinQ 4500 25GbE And 100GbE Adapters
Cavium FastLinQ 45000 25GbE And 100GbE Adapters

The company also offered that it has signed at least one major OEM to the new adapters as HPE is listed as a partner shipping the new cards. We take this as meaning this is not just a paper launch but that the product is available today.

Cavium FastLinQ 45000 25GbE / 100GbE PR Extract

Here is an excerpt from the press release:

With up to 200Gbps of Ethernet line rate throughput, the FastLinQ 45000 series 25/100Gb Ethernet Adapters offer an extremely expansive set of features and protocols, delivering the following key benefits for cloud and Telco deployments:

  • Increased Performance and Scalability for NFV and cloud Workloads: Cavium FastLinQ 45000 Series 25/100Gb Ethernet Adapters leverage industry standard technologies combined with impressive small packet performance to deliver enhanced scalability and improved performance. FastLinQ 100GbE Ethernet adapters are optimized for software-defined networking (SDN) and OpenStack deployments to deliver a robust and feature rich high-speed networking solution for Telco and Cloud deployments.
  • Improved Server Utilization: Cavium FastLinQ 100GbE solutions provide hardware offloaded protocol processing, which results in a significant reduction of the CPU burden and improves overall server efficiency. Hardware offloads for RDMA, VxLAN, GENEVE and NVGRE optimize performance while reducing the cost of network encapsulation for virtualized workloads and hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Efficient Administration: Cavium technologies, combined with Mirantis FUEL for OpenStack orchestration and QConvergeConsole topology maps for OpenStack, allow the seamless integration and accelerated deployment of workloads in Telco and Cloud data centers.

Available from Cavium, HPE and other leading OEMs, Cavium FastLinQ 45000 Series 25/100GbE adapters are fully integrated into DPDK and shipping in volume now.

(Source: Cavium)


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