Netreo Introduces Netreo Cloud and AIOps Autopilot

Netreo Device Dashboard For Cisco IOS Router
Netreo Device Dashboard For Cisco IOS Router

This week, Netreo introduced a new cloud and AIOps: Autopilot feature. For those who are unfamiliar with Netreo, the 20-year-old company offers full-stack IT monitoring, an AI-driven analytics tool, and automation based on those analytics.

Netreo Cloud

The Netreo Cloud is the company’s SaaS offering that allows one to deploy IT monitoring and management without having to deploy the application either on hardware or in a virtual machine.

Netreo Dashboard Equinix
Netreo Dashboard Equinix

One can use the SaaS solution to monitor and manage devices and services of both on-prem and in clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP by deploying service agents.

Netreo CIO Dashboard
Netreo CIO Dashboard

Standard pricing for the Netreo Cloud monitoring, analytics, and management solution is on a per-device basis and Netreo does not differentiate based on the size of the device. Essentials pricing starts at $5 per device per month. More well-featured Professional and Ultimate license levels are $15/ $30 per device per month, respectively.

Netreo AIOps: Autopilot

Netreo AIOps: Autopilot is the company’s new AI and ML-based solution to automatically and intelligently discover, configure, and tune the NMS and monitoring environment.

Netreo AIOps Autopilot Dashboard
Netreo AIOps Autopilot Dashboard

The goal of AIOps: Autopilot is to bring intelligence to the NMS and monitoring environment to lower human intervention. It does this by scanning configurations and either making automated adjustments or suggesting potential improvements based on historical data on-site and through the leading practices, Netreo has found by analyzing decades of monitoring data.

The new AIOps: Autopilot works both on-prem as well in the new Netero Cloud SaaS offering.

Final Words

At STH, we know our readers manage infrastructure. One interesting part of that infrastructure is the hardware side which we cover frequently. Once that hardware is installed, or even if it is migrated to one or more public cloud providers, organizations need a monitoring solution to provide reporting and keep operations running smoothly.

If you are looking for a new NMS solution, Netreo may be something worth checking out.

If you want to see STH test some of these solutions, feel free to let us know.


  1. Please run this system through it’s paces as there are so few places that review this and only put it through the most cursory of use cases. I’d love to see how this software works over the course of a month per se and what it detects and automates.


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