Netgear ReadyNAS RN524X Premium SMB 4-Bay NAS with 10GbE


Netgear ReadyNAS Features

NAS units these days also have the ability to run applications so features extend well beyond simple physical form factors and speeds for some users.

Netgear RN524X Administer 6
Netgear RN524X Administer 6

Like many NAS units, the RN524X also offers additional applications for users to install. The app library is not as extensive as some other offerings, but many are useful.

Netgear RN524X Administer 7
Netgear RN524X Administer 7

Perhaps most useful is a wide range of Cloud backup server options is available which include ReadyCloud and ReadyNAS remote application. For SMB users who need an offsite backup, this is a great feature as it means you do not need to set up a remote data center option.


One of the hallmarks of NAS boxes these days is fast and simple setups that get you operating your appliance quickly; the Netgear ReadyNAS RN524X takes this on with flying colors. The setup procedure defaults to RAID 5 which is what most users will use, you can change this after the setup procedure is complete. Many options abound with how you would like the NAS to operate, located in the System Settings Tab.

If you are interested in encryption on your Netgear RN524X, only one option is available, to encrypt the entire volume, this does increase performance but requires users to use 3rd party apps if you would like to encrypt a single folder.

The performance of the Netgear RN524X was top notch with its Xeon D-class processor and 4GB of DDR4 ECC memory. Including that processor allowed Netgear to add low-power 10GbE connectivity which helps Netgear reach new performance levels that simply are out of reach of 1GbE NAS units. Overall, the Netgear RN524X is a solid high performing NAS which offers great features for SMB and home office users.


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