Microsoft Surface Touch Cover Keyboard Issue – 2 Fail in 2 Weeks


First off, let me say that I really like my Microsoft Surface RT. I purchased my Microsoft Surface RT from the Palo Alto, California Microsoft Store the evening of October 31, 2012. I tried a few keyboards in the store, and it became apparent that I wanted the Microsoft Touch Cover keyboard, specifically in Cyan. Blue is my favorite color which likely had something to do with the decision. The Microsoft Surface RT’s touch cover keyboard is very light and integrates a keyboard into the cover. After having owned the Microsoft Surface Touch Cover keyboard for two weeks, I am about to acquire my third touch cover because of this issue. Let’s take a look at what is going on.

Microsoft Surface Touch Keyboard Issue Afar
Microsoft Surface Touch Cover Keyboard Issue Afar

As one can see by the above picture, the Microsoft Surface Touch Cover keyboard has a seam that is coming apart at the middle of the keyboard, just under the Windows logo. Here is a closer look at what this looks like:

Microsoft Surface Touch Keyboard Issue Zoom
Microsoft Surface Touch cover Keyboard Issue Zoom

As one can clearly see, the seam is becoming undone. This is the same way the first one failed. I will note, you can tuck that material back under the seam, but it will come out again. I tried it on both Surface keyboards. The bigger issue is when the keyboard is folded back in “Tablet” mode:

Microsoft Surface Touch Keyboard Issue Keyboard Behind Screen
Microsoft Surface Touch Cover Keyboard Issue Keyboard Behind Screen

When the Microsoft Surface Touch Cover keyboard is wrapped around the rear of the unit to operate in tablet mode, one can clearly see electrical connectors peeking out. The Cyan touch cover is $119.99. This is not inexpensive.. To have two fail in two weeks is amazing given that I would expect the touch cover to last two years or more on a device like this. After all, it does not even incorporate moving keys that can pop off.

Now here is the “pickle” about this situation. First, I think Microsoft is leading the tablet design space right now. Ever since purchasing the Microsoft Surface, I have looked at my Apple iPad longingly wondering why it does not have a stand. Other manufacturers have better keyboards. For example, ASUS bundles a keyboard with an extended battery. The trade-off there is weight. The Microsoft Touch Cover is great because it feels like a simple, lightweight cover. Yet, the device packs a keyboard and a track pad in it. Combined with the stand that feels extremely sturdy and my Microsoft Surface has been great, except for the touch cover seam defect. I do enjoy using it and will have one for my Microsoft Surface Pro as soon as they are released (please let that be soon!)

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