Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny 1L PC with NVIDIA GPU Review


Power Consumption

Let us talk power here. Idle power consumption on 120V power we saw 22-23W idle for the system which was not bad. We generally assume these nodes will use 9-14W at idle so this was a bit higher but makes sense given the GPU. What we also observed is that leaving the system at idle for a day or two would mean we hit 32-33W at idle. Likely this is due to some sort of heat soak and is closer to what we saw with the P330 Tiny.

Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny 230W Power Supply 1
Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny 230W Power Supply 1

The power supply for this unit is a 230W Lenovo power adapter from the company’s notebook line. It is absolutely massive compared to this small machine. Just for comparison, here is the P330 Tiny’s power adapter.

Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Tiny 18
Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Tiny 18

We managed to push this unit to just over 150W but there are options for higher-end GPUs like the T1000 as well as the Core i9-10900T and more storage, so it is not hard to imagine top-spec units using even more power. Of course, at 150W without USB devices, it makes sense for Lenovo to use a bigger power supply than a 135W unit.

Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny 230W Power Supply 2
Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny 230W Power Supply 2

At idle, the noise is still relatively quiet. Under heavier loads, the fan spins up and the system is very audible. This is a function of having a CPU and GPU in a small package like this. There is little room to add elaborate cooling and larger quieter fans

Next, we are going to discuss key lessons learned before getting to our final thoughts.


  1. Are GPU performance tests coming in the next article? Without the heat pipe does it throttle under load?

  2. Woah. Stop the press. That is a 16x PCI Express slot. This will fit a single port 10G NIC for sure. Might fit a dual port one.

  3. Patrick,

    The unusually large power supplies are also to allow customers to insert these Tinys into the TIO (Tiny-In-One) displays. Normally these come with 90W, depending on the display size, 22″, 24″: 90W & 27″ come with 170W.

    Typically if the Power supply that comes with the Tiny is 135W or larger it’s designed to replace the power supply that ships with the TIO. They both use the same “Slim Tip” rectangular power supply connectors.

    @PNWah01 If you look on Reddit’s homelab area you will find that someone has put in an X710-DA4 into a Tiny. It’s an x8 3.0 electrical connection though. Which is still 8GB/sec (or being lazy with the rough rule of 10 bytes to bits, 80Gb/sec.)

    The Rocket Lake (11th gen Intel) version P350 Tiny x8 of PCIe 4.0 slot & 2 * PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives and also Nvidia T600 & T1000 GPUs.

  4. When I first heard about this tiny PC with all the power under my desk, it sounded too good to be true. But when you think about how much space we renting out in our office by plugging or unplugging accessories every day–the benefits become clear! This machine has everything from processing speed and storage capacity down low enough that even tall guys can use them without stretches (don’t worry if your head doesn’t reach above where they’ll put these things). And don’t forget: no more bulky tower computers taking up desktop real estate while providing less functionality than what most people need.

  5. Does the bios on these support Intel SGX? The 10th gen procs do but trying to find out if the system bios does.

  6. Will these take standard PCIe cards? I’d like to put a dual 10g x550 nic with active cooling in one of these…


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