Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Specs Updated

Intel Xeon D Comparison Mar 2 2016
Intel Xeon D Comparison Mar 2 2016

We previously discussed the launch of new February 2016 Intel Xeon D parts. We did want to follow-up on an open item from that launch and post an updated spec chart with details. Some of these processors (e.g. the D-1557) are still not on but the official specs for four of the six processors are in the official source.

Here is the updated chart with updated specs. We are at an Intel workshop and will request that the parts get added soon.

Intel Xeon D Comparison Mar 2 2016
Intel Xeon D Comparison Mar 2 2016

One can see the lineup of 16 core parts is quite substantial. In our Intel Xeon D-1587 benchmarks showed these chips are very fast. Our Supermicro X10SDV-7TP8F review showed that the power consumption of even the 65w chips is excellent.

Here are is the official ARK comparison. We are also going to update our launch piece with these figures.


  1. I had been wondering ever since, what’s the difference between D-1571 & D-15777? just the model number?

  2. Thank you for the handy chart of Xeon Ds. Would you consider adding columns for?:
    * SR-IOV – avail on all but D-15×0?
    * QuickAssist – avail on D-15×0 and D-15×1, not on D-15×8, D-15×7?

  3. I updated the chart today after escalating to Intel this week. SR-IOV is not available on the Q1 2015 parts and none of the chips have the onboard QuickAssist engine like Rangeley has.

    We are getting Intel QuickAssist PCIe add-in cards to be able to test that setup.

  4. Thank you very much for the clarification. I’m glad that you will test the QuickAssist PCIe AICs, look forward to reading your results.


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