HP ZBook 14u G6 Mobile Workstation Review


HP ZBook 14u G6 Mobile Workstation Rendering Related Benchmarks

We wanted to get a sense of the rendering performance of the HP ZBook 14u G6 Mobile Workstation.

Arion v2.5

Arion Benchmark is a standalone render benchmark based on the commercially available Arion render software from RandomControl. The benchmark is GPU-accelerated using NVIDIA CUDA. However, it is unique in that it can run on both NVIDIA GPUs and CPUs.

Download the Arion Benchmark from here. First-time users will have to register to download the benchmark.

ZBook 14u G6 Arion
ZBook 14u G6 Arion

As the description for Arion benchmark says, it uses GPU-accelerated NVIDIA CUDA, however, it can also use the CPU processing power if no CUDA device is found, here we are seeing what the Intel Core i7-8665U can do in rendering which holds up very well.

MAXON Cinema4D 3D

ProRender is an OpenCL based GPU renderer which is available in MAXON’s Cinema4D 3D animation software. A fully functional 42-day trial version is available for downloaded from the MAXON website here. Note: Even after expiration, the trial can still be used to measure render times.

ZBook 14u G6 Cinema4D
ZBook 14u G6 Cinema4D

With Cinema4D R20 a strong graphics processing unit is preferred, the AMD Radeon Pro WX3200 struggles with this benchmark.

Realistically, the performance here is what we would expect. The HP ZBook 14u G6 is not designed to be a complete desktop replacement for those that do heavy rendering workloads. That is OK. Most of those notebooks utilize higher-end CPUs and GPUs that suck power leading to heavier form factors and worse battery life. Hitting a different spot on the performance/ weight/ battery life spectrum is exactly what the HP ZBook 14u G6 is designed to do.

Next, we will finish up with power consumption, boot times, and our final thoughts.



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