BOXX APEXX W3 Class Workstation Review


BOXX APEXX W3 Class Workstation Power Consumption

Power consumption can vary a significant amount depending on processors used and the number of HDDs/SSDs/Expansion cards used. Here we test just a primary system. We test with the same graphics card and NVMe SSD in all our tests. Power is measured at the wall and the graphics card and SSD were not stress tested.

BOXX APEXX W3 Class Intel Xeon W2295 Power Use
BOXX APEXX W3 Class Intel Xeon W2295 Power Use

For our tests, we use the AIDA64 Stress test, which allows us to stress all aspects of the system. Our BOXX APEXX W3 Workstation pulled 432 watts at the wall when under full load and idled at 68 watts.

The cooling system of the BOXX APEXX W3 Workstation did perform well, and fans did noticeably spin up at higher loads. Fan noise was low at idle, and even during moderate workloads, it was hardly noticeable, during peak workloads the fans could be heard but not at the extreme levels we have heard with other manufacture 4U workstations. We had no issues sitting next to the system while testing.

Final Words

When looking at the BOXX APEXX W3 build, the case itself is very well laid out and built sturdy. Ample space in the front allows for a larger dual radiator for better cooling. BOXX builds its own custom cases, and build quality is top-notch. The CPU cooling is of the AIO type custom-built from ASETEK, which performs well and makes little noise when under full loads.

One can head over to BOXX’s website and configure an APEXX W3 to meet usage requirements, and there are many options available under configurations to meet your application needs. We found the use of the Asus WS C422 SAGE/10G motherboard to be an excellent choice for our test system. It provides good I/O options via USB ports and 10G network ports. One gets the top-end Xeon W-2200 series CPU, a high-end NVIDIA Quadro, a great ASUS motherboard, and a solid custom BOXX chassis and cooling solution.

There is certainly something to be said for the look and feel of a solid chassis that one will see every day knowing that this is not some off-the-shelf case that anyone can buy. Instead, it is made by BOXX making it perhaps a sort of status symbol. Most of these will be purchased by companies for their employees and it certainly shows that an employer is investing in great technology by getting a bespoke system like the W3. Overall, the BOXX APEXX W3 is a great workstation that anyone looking to scale up to higher-end workloads will love to work on daily.


  1. William,

    Recently we ran a separate review of the NVIDIA QUADRO RTX 5000, which can be found here.
    Page 2. Link is missing please and thanks.

  2. I would pay good money for that case, were it available on its own, it’s great. Good review all round 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words Tom. I designed that chassis for BOXX circa 2018, and it was quite a challenge to make a chassis design that wasn’t just a plain-looking rectangular “box” using only press brake bends (i.e., without any very expensive custom forming tooling).


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