ASRock Rack D2100D8UM Intel Xeon D-2100 Series Launch Platform

ASRock Rack D21000D8UM Three Quarter
ASRock Rack D21000D8UM Three Quarter

Since it is launch day for the Intel Xeon D-2100 series SoC family, we have a number of new platform announcements. ASRock Rack’s initial offering will center around a mATX platform with a ton of expansion. In this short article, we are going to take a look at the ASRock Rack D2100D8UM Skylake-D platform.

ASRock Rack D2100D8UM Overview

One of the key differentiators of the Intel Xeon D2100 series family is that it is designed for compact edge platforms, storage platforms, and networking appliances. At the same time, there is an enormous increase in the platform I/O over the previous generation. As such, ASRock Rack is using the mATX form factor to fully exploit the new system’s capabilities.

ASRock Rack D21000D8UM Overview
ASRock Rack D21000D8UM Overview

ASRock Rack has one of the only designs we have seen to utilize all eight DIMM slots for DDR4. The company has not just PCIe lanes, but also mezzanine risers for customizing networking options.

ASRock Rack D2100D8UM Key Specs

Here are the key specs from the company. Ostensibly if one orders these in quantity they should be able to select their SoC of choice as they can support up to 110W TDP.

MB Physical Status
Form Factor – mATX
Dimensions – 9.6” x 9.6” (24.4 cm x24.4 cm)
 Processor System
CPU – Supports Intel® Xeon® D-2100 Series Processors (Max. 110W)
Socket – SoC
 System Memory
Capacity – 8 x 288-pin DDR4 DIMM slots
– Support up to 128GB DDR4 ECC UDIMM
Type – 4 Channel DDR4 memory technology
– Supports DDR4 2133/2400/2666* ECC UDIMM, RDIMM, LR DIMM (*the speed depends on SoC SKU)
Voltage – 1.2V
 Expansion Slot
PCIe 3.0 x 16 – 1 (PCIE6: x16/x8, switch with PCIE4)
PCIe 3.0 x 8 – 1 (PCIE4: x0/x8, switch with PCIE6)
SATA Controller – Intel® Xeon® D-2100: 12 x SATA3 6.0 Gb/s (8 ports form SFF-8643, 4 port from SATA 7-pin include 1 SATA DOM)
Interface – NA, no on borad LAN, X722 (SoC integrated) Please use mezzanine type LAN card (A/B/C type)
LAN Controller – NA
BMC Controller – ASPEED AST2500 : IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) 2.0 with ikvm vMedia support
IPMI Dedicated GLAN – 1 x Realtek RTL8211E for dedicated management LAN
Features – Watch Dog
Controller – ASPEED AST2500
VRAM – 128MB (64MBx16) DDR4
 Rear Panel I/O
VGA Port – D-sub x 1
Lan Port – 1 x RJ45 Dedicated IPMI LAN port
Serial Port – 1
UID Button/UID LED – 1
 Internal Connector
COM Header – 1
M.2 – 1 (2280)
Auxiliary Panel Header – 1 (include chassis intrusion, location button & LED, front LAN LED, event log LED)
TPM Header – 1
IPMB Header – 1
Buzzer – 1
Fan Header – 1x CPU Fan, 5x system Fan (4 front, 1 rear) (built in CPU active fansink)
ATX Power – 1x (24-pin) + 1x (8-pin)
USB 2.0 Header – 1 (1 header for 2 USB3.0 ports)
Type A USB 3.0 Port – 1

(Source: ASRock Rack)

Overall this looks like a great platform.

If you want to learn more about the new chips check out the Intel Xeon D-2100 series launch coverage central.


  1. In the bullet points on the product page it says up to 512GB RAM, the spec list however states 128GB, which is it?

  2. Patrick Kennedy: It seems so, just used to Asrock Rack list “Capacity” for system memory as the total max installed memory possible on the motherboard and they usually have a separate “DIMM Size Per DIMM” section under memory. Like on this D-1500 SKU for example:

    Thats why i got confused i guess. So on this SKU the right specs are 512GB total system capacity and 128GB max per dimm?

  3. Also:

    “ASRock Rack has one of the only designs we have seen to utilize all eight channels of DDR4.”

    It has 8 slots, not 8 channels.


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