AMD FirePro W9100 updated to 32GB

AMD FirePro W9100
AMD FirePro W9100

We previously used AMD FirePro W9100 GPUs during our ASRock Rack 3U8G-C612 8-Way GPU Server Review and our Gigabyte R280-G2O GPU/GPGPU Rackmount Server Review. The eight monstrous AMD FirePro W9100’s we had all were 16GB models. A few months later, AMD is taking advantage of their architecture’s potential and updating the cards to 32GB of onboard memory. These cards are intended for professional 4K rendering and VR. We have a suspicion that there are some GPU compute folks that cannot get NVIDIA’s new Pascal P100 and instead are looking at the 32GB cards with great interest. The path forward is clear: we are going to see larger GPU memory sizes soon.

AMD FirePro W9100
AMD FirePro W9100

You can check the official spec page here but we have the quick specs for you. And yes, with 16GB of system memory under “System Requirements” you could in theory have more memory for your GPU than your CPU.


  • 32GB GDDR5 GPU memory
  • 512-bit memory interface
  • 320 GB/s memory bandwidth

Compute Performance

  • 2,816 stream processors (44 compute units)
  • 5.24 TFLOPS peak single-precision floating-point performance
  • 2.62 TFLOPS peak dual-precision floating-point performance

Display Outputs

  • Six mini DisplayPort 1.2a outputs
  • Maximum DisplayPort 1.2a resolution 4096×2160
  • Maximum DisplayPort 1.1 resolution 2560×1600

API/Features/OS Support

  • DirectX 11.2/12
  • OpenGL 4.4
  • OpenCL 2.0
  • Shader model: 5.0
  • AMD Eyefinity multidisplay technology support
  • AMD HD3D Pro support via stereoscopic 3-pin mini DIN3
  • DirectGMA support
  • OS Support: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Linux (32- or 64-bit)

Cooling/Power/Form Factor

  • 275W maximum power consumption
  • Discreet active-cooling solution
  • Full-height dual-slot form factor
  • PCIe 3.0 compliant, x16 bus interface

System Requirements

  • Available PCIe x16 (dual-slot), 3.0 for optimal performance
  • A power supply, on​e PCIe AUX power connector (8-pin) and one PCIe AUX power connector (six-pin)
  • 16GB system memory
  • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Linux operating system (32- or 64-bit)
  • Internet connection for driver installation

We may try getting a few of these cards for some project we are working on.


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