AdminiMe 2012 for Windows Home Server (WHS V1) Released


A quick note, AdminiMe 2012 for the original Windows Home Server (Windows Server 2003 based kernel) has been released. I have covered AdminiMe a few times (also here for an upgrade), and it is an add-on I use in my Windows Home Server. Here is an excerpt of the changes:

New Features

  • Top 5 current cpu consuming processes
  • Top 5 current memory consuming processes
  • CPU temperature monitoring
  • Statistics are kept on the number of shut downs, suspends, resumes, log offs
  • Server name is listed in the email
  • Server IP Address is listed in the email
  • Option to shut down / reboot / … when a serious error occurs
  • Execute a process when a failure or error occurs
  • Redesign of the user interface
  • Option to turn off the chart updates
  • Support lnk files / command line switches
  • Export logging
  • Full support for Simplified Chinese
  • A lot of tweaks underneath and some new settings

New Fixes

  • The total number of days went into negative after 20+ days running nonstop
  • Some GUI advancements
  • Some other minor issues

New Pricing

The pricing is made simple; existing users can upgrade and users that bought between 1 October and 23 November 2011 get it for free.

  • An upgrade will cost 5€
  • The full version 9€


Issues can be reported here:

For more information see the AdminiMe page



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