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ASUS RS720QA E12 RS8U At SC22 18

ASUS AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa and Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon Servers at SC22

We saw ASUS AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa and Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon servers at SC22 and highlight some of the liquid cooled and GPU servers
Microsoft Azure HBv4 Dual AMD EPYC Genoa And FPGA At SC22 3

Microsoft Azure at SC22 and The Enormous AMD EPYC Genoa Heatsink on HBv4

Microsoft Azure HBv4 servers had the unique distinction of having the coolest AMD EPYC Genoa heatsink design at SC22
Inspur NF5180G7 AMD EPYC Genoa 1U At SC22 3

Inspur Shows AMD EPYC Genoa and Major OAM Liquid Cooled Server at SC22

Inspur showed off new AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa servers at SC22 along with a liquid cooled OAM server and the company's new naming convention
Cerebras CS 2 WSE 2 Heart At SC22 4

A Cerebras CS-2 Engine Block Bare on the SC22 Show Floor

At SC22, we saw the heart of the Cerebras CS-2, its engine block that transforms the giant WSE-2 chip into something useful
Ingrasys NVMe SSD NVIDIA Update With Kioxia At SC22 1

Ingrasys ES2100 An Updated Ethernet SSD Switch for Kioxia SSDs at SC22

At SC22, we saw the Ingrasys ES2100 with an updated NVIDIA 200GbE/400GbE switch for Kioxia SSDs and a bonus AMD server
Gigabyte G493 ZB0 AMD EPYC Genoa GPU Server At SC22 Memory Slots

Gigabyte has a 48 DIMM 2P AMD EPYC Genoa GPU Server at SC22

At SC22, we saw a Gigabyte GPU server with 48x DDR5 DIMM slots. We also saw a STH video on display and an Ampere Altra Arm with NVIDIA server
QCT QuantaGrid D54Q 2U Astera Labs Intel Sapphire Rapids Demo At SC22 4

QCT Demos Astera Labs Leo CXL Memory Expansion on Intel Sapphire Rapids at SC22

QCT and Astera Labs showed CXL memory expansion working at SC22 on an upcoming Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon platform
AIC Pump Less And Closed Loop Lower Boiling Liquid Solution At SC22 3

AIC Pump-less Two Phase Cooling and AMD Genoa Edge at SC22

At SC22, we saw a pump-less liquid cooling solution for server CPUs and a unique AMD EPYC Genoa edge server with removable hot-swap cages
CoolIT CHx500 CDU At SC22 1

CoolIT CHx500 500kW 10U CDU at SC22

We found the new CoolIT CHx500 CDU with 500kW of capacity in 10U on the SC22 show floor as well as a new redundant hot swap pumping unit
Intel Data Center Max GPU 1100 Series PCIe At SC22 1

Intel Data Center GPU Max 1100 Series aka Ponte Vecchio PCIe at SC22

We see the Intel Data Center GPU Max 1100 series Ponte Vecchio PCIe at SC22 and get to show you the just launched HPC accelerator