OCZ Vertex LE 100GB and 200GB Available for Pre-Order

Posted February 21, 2010 by Patrick Kennedy in Servers

I was checking Amazon the other day and saw both the 100GB and 200GB versions of the OCZ Vertex LE are available for pre-order. Both drives are next-gen (as of Feb 2010) performance wise and are said to be shipping sometime late February or early March.

I preordered the 100GB Vertex LE from Amazon.com. I’m guessing it will be available less expensively, but I wanted to get one of the 5,000 before they are sold out. It looks like these are going to be the only low-cost SF-1500 controller based drives for awhile, depending on what Other World Computing (OWC) does with their drives.

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    Plz benchmark this for us.


    To those who haven’t seen the specs:
    Max Read: up to 270MB/s
    Max Write: up to 250MB/s
    Sustained Write: up to 235MB/s

    I’m just wondering when we’ll be able to use TRIM with RAID, using a bunch of slower SSDs in RAID 0 would be cheaper than an SSD like that.


    The IOPS are pretty killer though. I was strongly considering getting a second 120GB Vertex since they have garbage collection. I ordered this just for fun.

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