YuanLey YS25-0402P 2.5GbE and 10G Desktop PoE Switch Review


Yuanley YS25-0402P Management

This is an unmanaged switch, so it does not have a management interface. That is a bummer on a PoE switch since a really nice capability is being able to remotely power cycle PoE ports via a management interface.

Yuanley YS25-0402P Performance

In terms of performance, this seems to be a decent performer.

Yuanley YS25 0402P Performance
Yuanley YS25 0402P Performance

Again, most of these 4-port 2.5GbE and 2-port SFP+ switches are fairly similar. We are just trying to confirm performance while we are also subjecting these to our Wireshark network.

Yuanley YS25-0402 Power Consumption

Here, we can see the 75W internal power supply. It is labeled Hi-POWER-75W-V7.0. That is the same as we saw on the Nicgiga S25-0402P.

YuanLey YS25 0402P Internal Power Supply
YuanLey YS25 0402P Internal Power Supply

Here we have 2.3W at idle with nothing connected.

YuanLey YS25 0402P Idle Power
YuanLey YS25 0402P Idle Power

With a single 2.5GbE port plugged in, we added 0.7W for a total of 3W. This was higher than we saw on the Nicgiga with the same internals. Our guess is that the individual power supply quality varies a bit even in the same batch.

YuanLey YS25 0402P 2.5GbE Power
YuanLey YS25 0402P 2.5GbE Power

We used a 10Gbase-T SFP+ pluggable to add a good amount of power consumption in a SFP+ port. Here, we saw an increase to 4.0W. That was the same as the Nicgiga.

YuanLey YS25 0402P 4W 10Gbase T
YuanLey YS25 0402P 4W 10Gbase T

Overall, this is higher power consumption than non-PoE switches, but PoE switches tend to run higher.

Final Words

We purchased the switch for $59. That pricing changes based on the day and discounts. Given the fact that it has a power supply and switch board that have the same numbering as the Nicgiga, our sense is that we would recommend them based on which is cheaper that day. There is one small difference, however. Some folks may like the YuanLey brand versus the Nicgiga one.

YuanLey YS25 0402P Front
YuanLey YS25 0402P Frontd

Whenever we review lower-end network devices with internal power supplies, some of our readers strongly prefer external AC to DC power bricks. Whenever we review devices with external power supplies, some folks strongly prefer internal power supplies. If you prefer internal power supplies, then switches like these are a decent idea.

Where to Buy

We purchased our unit on Amazon. Here is the affiliate link for this model.

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We decided to do the round-up first and will be filling in with reviews that we had not published at that point, including this one. We are trying to keep everything in a single resource for folks there.


  1. So, while it’s unmanaged, what does it do with VLAN tagged packets? If it passes them would be great for hooking up APs.

  2. Damn. I missed this on the previous switch review, but is that among the cheapest power supplies possible! Not in a good way! There’s a fuse, so it’s got that going for it. However, the AC input front end just has MOVs for overvoltage protection and a single filter cap (yellow) before the bridge rectifier. There should be at least one common mode choke for filtering with the filter cap (and more caps, too). The big bridge rectifier and AC-side transistor heatsink are probably fine. The output having a single device with a big heatsink probably means it’s just a diode rather than the more efficient synchronous rectification transistor (MOSFET) that only makes sense from the high output voltage of the PoE supply. Whole thing’s probably hot, noisy, and of questionable reliability. Now cheap!

    For what good PSUs look like, consider TechPowerUp’s ATX PSU reviews and ChargerLab’s wall charger teardowns/component analysis.

  3. For these cheap switches, I would prefer an external adapter for power. At least I can then replace it easily when it fails or when I don’t trust it’s safety.


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