WOW STH YouTube Now at 400K Subscribers

STH YouTube 400k
STH YouTube 400k

Today is another milestone day for the STH YouTube channel. It has hit 400,000 subscribers. This year has marked some crazy growth for the YouTube channel, thanks to many folks. It was about this time last year that we decided to change the format, which was implemented in January 2023, with the videos starting to come out in February 2023. It feels like a year later and the impact has been tremendous.

WOW! STH YouTube at 400K Subscribers

The journey to 400K was a bit longer than this summer. From January 1, 2020, starting the channel to September 30, 2022, hitting 100K subscribers. We then hit 200K on July 8 and 300K on October 5, 2023. Now, the next increment.

STH Growth 2020 2023 400K Subs
STH Growth 2020 2023 400K Subs

It may be hard to see on this longer time scale, but we have slowed quite a bit in the last month or two. That just happened to coincide with where production has been moving from the huge set of videos we pre-recorded in Austin to the new studio in Scottsdale.

STH Studio Trussing Happening Mid December 2023
STH Scottsdale Studio Trussing Happening Mid-December 2023

We are going to go into this with the Q4 Letter from the Editor in a few days, but between holiday shipping delays and having to do current production, it has been a bit slower than planned. Here is a great example of that where the team is assembling a new workbench, a server is being set up off camera to the right, and we had to set up a quick B-roll set in the middle of the set we were building, while we were waiting for the set’s furniture to arrive. Hopefully, we will be in a better spot to start 2024.

Final Words

Again, thank you to everyone watching. I am going to take Christmas Day mostly off this year, but the team has some really cool end-of-year content coming on STH. Keep both the STH YouTube and the main site in your feeds if you just want to see some cool and fun pieces. The first of which was CWWK Crazy, which we shot in Arizona.

There are a few new fun bits in here like the opening shot is actually the camera spinning around the system rather than just having the system spin. We still have a bit of work to do on the effect, but we are working on adding some cooler shots like that.

More to come!



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