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For those who have not seen, team ServeTheHome has been participating in VMware’s Currently the team is ranked #6 just above EMC, CSC Champions and several other big teams. For those that are not aware, is one of the newer generation social marketing tools being employed by VMware and partners. Full disclosure, it appears as though the site is being sponsored by VMware’s social media team. There are many tasks that require reading case studies and whitepapers from VMware and its partners as well as taking VMware training.

From the about page:

Cloud Cred is both a destination and a journey. It’s where your working knowledge of cloud computing is acknowledged, advanced and rewarded. And though Cloud Cred may be fun, it’s hardly a game. Each Cloud Cred task or challenge you complete helps to establish your cloud expertise, build your professional sphere of influence and provides you with access to the latest industry content.

ServeTheHome has delivered in spades! Recently I received this note from the CloudCred team:

Teams like ServeTheHome is exactly what we hoped would develop on CloudCred, where people can work together, learn and interact with other teams of similar practitioners.  We hope to work with ServeTheHome and others to continue to increase the number of interesting and comprehensive tasks for cloud computing.

Eric Nielsen,  Director, Social Media & Communities,   Corporate Marketing, VMware Inc.

Go team STH! One of the other cool features is that one can earn rewards/ prizes. Here is a listing of the rewards one can earn. Several members have already received rewards such as a free T-shirt, a VMworld online subscription and others. Here is the video produced by VMware for CloudCred:


It has been a fun journey thus far and exciting to watch the team work at tasks on a daily basis. I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge a few individuals:

  • MaxCFM / latney – it was his idea to start the team in the first place.
  • marcoprechel and jwshukis- for leading many team task efforts
  • mdcarlson – for being the most persistent member asking for an invitation through several different venues

How to get involved: join the discussion on the forums. The team is almost full but we have a few spots remaining. Request an invitation in that thread. We may also need to create a second team to accommodate the response. Join the team and have some fun!


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