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Toshiba Memory XG6-P NVMe PCIe Gen3 SSD Launches at Up to...

The Toshiba Memory XG6-P we saw in-person at Computex 2019 sports up to 2TB capacities in 5W single-sided M.2 NVMe form factors

Toshiba RM5 Value SAS Adopted by Dell EMC

Toshiba Memory RM5 value SAS has been adopted by Dell EMC PowerEdge and potentially offering performance and price per GB advantages over SATA SSDs

Toshiba Memory RM5 in HPE ProLiant Servers

The value SAS Toshiba Memory RM5 SSD that is priced as an alternative to enterprise SATA SSDs can now be found in HPE ProLiant servers

Toshiba MG08 Series 16TB Enterprise Capacity Hard Drives Launched

With up to 16TB of capacity and using conventional magnetic recording technology, the Toshiba MG08 series enterprise hard drives offer a choice in the market

Toshiba BG4 Single Package NVMe SSD Launched

The new Toshiba BG4 single package NVMe SSD doubles capcity and offers a significant performance upgrade over previous versions for embedded servers

Marvell 25GbE NVMeoF Adapter Prefaces a Super Cool Future

If you are looking to build next-generation NVMeoF composable infrastructure, you need to check out the Marvell and Toshiba demo from FMS. The Marvell 25GbE NVMeoF adapter turns NVMe devices into fabric addressed devices which may be the way of the future

Toshiba KumoScale adds TCP to its NVMeoF Solution

Toshiba KumoScale adds TCP to its NVMeoF solution using Marvell FastLinQ3 100GbE adapters with TCP offload acceleration. This capability expands the NVMeoF performance benefits to legacy servers

New Toshiba 96 Layer BiCS QLC Coming and XG6 NVMe SSD

New Toshiba 96-Layer 4th generation BICS NAND is here. The first product with it will be the Toshiba XG6 NVMe SSD. QLC is coming from the company.

Toshiba RM5 Answers the Call of Replacing SATA with SAS3

A new value SAS SSD segment is emerging as the Toshiba RM5 answers the call of replacing SATA with better performing SAS3 SSDs for SAS RAID controllers already found in servers

New Data Center Toshiba SSDs and KumoScale NVMeoF Solutions

Just in time for OCP Summit 2018, Toshiba released new SSDs the Toshiba XD5, HK6-DC and CD5 and its KumoScale NVMeoF solutions.