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Toshiba N300 18TB NAS Hard Drives Use FC-MAMR

The Toshiba N300 18TB NAS hard drive utilizes FC-MAMR to get higher density. We also found a consistent and worrying spec

Six SSDs Compared Inexpensive M.2 SATA SSD Roundup

We compare six inexpensive M.2 SATA SSDs from ADATA, Samsung, PNY, Kingston, and Teamgroup to see whether there are notable differences

Toshiba 18TB MG09 9-disk Helium FC-MAMR Hard Drives Launched

Toshiba MG09 18TB 9-disk Helium FC-MAMR hard drives will help bring Toshiba and its customers into a new capacity tier

Surreptitiously Swapping SMR into Hard Drive Lines Must Stop

We discuss why the practice of surreptitiously swapping SMR into the hard drives must end especially to less fortunate customers

Toshiba Memory is Dead Long Live Kioxia Holdings

Toshiba Memory Corporation is now called Kioxia Holdings starting the long path to building brand recognition in the market for SSDs

Toshiba BG4 Single Package M.2 2230 30mm NVMe SSD Review

The Toshiba BG4 NVMe SSD fits an entire SSD onto a single BGA package which can be soldered onto a motherboard or used as a M.2 30mm (2230) SSD

Toshiba Aggressively Pushes PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs

The Toshiba CM6 and CD6 were shown off at Flash Memory Summit 2019 and they are notable in that they are the first server PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs

Marvell 88SS5000 NVMeoF SSD Controller Shown with Toshiba BiCS

A Marvell 88SS5000 NVMeoF SSD controller on a Toshiba test drive puts Toshiba BiCS flash onto dual-port 25GbE NVMeoF networks

Toshiba XFMEXPRESS Compact Removable Storage Launched

Toshiba XFMEXPRESS is a new compact form factor that promises to shrink the footprint of removable storage beyond what M.2 can offer while scaling to Gen4

Kioxia is the New Name for Toshiba Memory

Toshiba Memory is rebranding as Kioxia next quarter. Make sure you and your customers are ready for the name change of an industry stalwart